My wife is getting into the website creation business as an adjunct to her internet advertising sales and believes she want to run it on wordpress. Being the former IT professional I am I have considered setting up my own Linux box on my LAN to test this. While it could be internet facing through my dedicated DSL connection the purpose of this is mostly for learning. It would be hosted outside for live clients. Other than a bunch of headaches, what would I get out of running my own dedicated server over running a free wordpress site or using a dedicated external host for this?

Note: the main reason I am considering this is that she wants to be able to offer her clients access to their site versus I know there are sites wherein this can be done but those cost money. I thought, if it wasn’t too hard, that I could set up a host to use for learning before paying money.

At the risk of sparking a religious war, if this would make sense does anyone have an recommendations? My goal is to get the system up and working as easily as possible. I am not going to do ongoing Linux development; I simply want a box on which I can host a wordpress site.

I found this site with complete step by step instructions. I am open to alternatives if something easier exists.
Thanks to those that already answered. To add to my question, I would never run a client site from my house. The purpose of this is so that she could try something out, decide she doesn’t like it and tell me "reset it so I can try again." I know all about domain registration (my bulkregister account still has 47 domains registered for clients) but again, the point was to give myself a sandbox over which I have full control.
Yes, I have a static IP address. In fact, I run a Windows 2003 small business server as my mail server and domain controller for my house.

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