I have downloaded the latest version of WordPress from http://www.wordpress.org/ . And I for some reason just get a white screen, when I navigate to "wp-admin/install.php". Which is where I am supposed to go. I get nothing, no content, nothing, just a white screen, and I have been seeing all over the internet that people have been having this exact same problem. I just would like to know if anyone has a logical answer.

The server I am hosted on has the following specs…
- Apache Version 2.2.17
- PHP Version 5.2.16
- MySQL Version 5.1.56
- Architecture x86_64
- Operating System Linux

Yes, I have enough space and bandwidth, and have enough SQL Databases free.
I also tried installing WordPress by downloading, extracting, and uploading every single file via FileZilla FTP.

I hope someone can help,
Thank you very much,
Aaron Brewer :-D

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