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? about WordPress, BlueHost, Hostgator & Linux?

I have a GoDaddy domain. I’ve been reading about hosts and hear that Bluehost & Hostgator work well with WordPress. Just now I come across a site though that explains that Hostgater run on Linux which is an operating system? like Windows. I have a computer that runs Vista. If I get Hostgator to host my site, will this Linux program somehow mess with the rest of my computer?
Please excuse my ignorance. I’m trying to learn…
And from what I understand I need to get WP from WP.org and not WP.com because I need to be able to add code. Is this the version I will get if I sign with a host???

I have a small blog. Currently I run my own Linux server, but it’s a bit of a constant headache and costs /month in dedicated server (cloud VPS) charges.

I’d like to migrate this to a managed platform where somebody else is worrying about server upgrades, protection from hackers, etc, and I just get full admin rights to my own WordPress instance.

It’s important for me to keep my own domain name and to have NO third-party advertising on the site (I sell my own ads). And I’d like to keep under /month, otherwise, it becomes a hard choice compared to the dedicated server.

Is there any web hosting company that satisfies these requirements?


Question about domain names.?

I set up a web site using Ubuntu Linux with Apache/MySQL/PHP5/PHPMyAdmin and WordPress. It all came together nicely and was relatively easy. I have it set up now and I’m trying to figure out what domain name to register. But then I got to thinking, how’s this all work? When I register for a domain name and they say yes – you now own www.mydomain.com. How do I tack mydomain.com to my web site? Do I just tack in my external IP to the registry and it updates the DNS tables and whatnot?
I can understand it being a bad idea if I was hosting some sort of a crazy web service, but my site I’m launching is basically a personal web site. Think of facebook, but a little different. I’ll host some how-to guides to do different things on computers and integrate a downloads section, so that way when me and some friends from other states go to the beach and I have all of the pictures, I can zip the pictures and host it and they can download all 300-400-whatever pictures in 1 shot straight from that box. It’s worked beautifully in the past with just Apache. The only difference is now I’m using WordPress with Apache so it looks prettier.
I can understand it being a bad idea if I was hosting some sort of a crazy web service, but my site I’m launching is basically a personal web site. Think of facebook, but a little different. I’ll host some how-to guides to do different things on computers and integrate a downloads section, so that way when me and some friends from other states go to the beach and I have all of the pictures, I can zip the pictures and host it and they can download all 300-400-whatever pictures in 1 shot straight from that box. It’s worked beautifully in the past with just Apache. The only difference is now I’m using WordPress with Apache so it looks prettier.
I can understand it being a bad idea if I was hosting some sort of a crazy web service, but my site I’m launching is basically a personal web site. Think of facebook, but a little different. I’ll host some how-to guides to do different things on computers and integrate a downloads section, so that way when me and some friends from other states go to the beach and I have all of the pictures, I can zip the pictures and host it and they can download all 300-400-whatever pictures in 1 shot straight from that box. It’s worked beautifully in the past with just Apache. The only difference is now I’m using WordPress with Apache so it looks prettier.

WordPress Won't Let Me Install?

I have downloaded the latest version of WordPress from http://www.wordpress.org/ . And I for some reason just get a white screen, when I navigate to "wp-admin/install.php". Which is where I am supposed to go. I get nothing, no content, nothing, just a white screen, and I have been seeing all over the internet that people have been having this exact same problem. I just would like to know if anyone has a logical answer.

The server I am hosted on has the following specs…
- Apache Version 2.2.17
- PHP Version 5.2.16
- MySQL Version 5.1.56
- Architecture x86_64
- Operating System Linux

Yes, I have enough space and bandwidth, and have enough SQL Databases free.
I also tried installing WordPress by downloading, extracting, and uploading every single file via FileZilla FTP.

I hope someone can help,
Thank you very much,
Aaron Brewer :-D

I have access to a shared network drive which hosts our company intranet site. How do I put WordPress on that drive and make it work? Our intranet runs on Linux server and there are already PHP and MySQL databases operating throughout the site but I don’t know the passwords to access those databases.

I am working on a number of websites and have found it EXTREMELY convenient to use Microsoft’s Web Deployment Installer to quick-start some of these sites. Most of them are Drupal and WordPress, and thus do not have any programming that is uniquely "Windows." The problem is, I have no idea how to access the databases for these sites nor even how to back them up.

I would like to know if I can go ahead and finish building these sites, with data, settings, and all intact, and then back them up and migrate them to a shared linux hosting account that will likely have cPanel.

Any help here will make my world a lot easier.
Wanted to add details that ALL of my sites are installed using MySQL – or so I am led to believe. IIS is completely new to me as I’ve previously been learning using remote hosting; using the Web Deployment Tool is a new thing out of convenience.

Really needing help with my hosting….?

Hello people I’ve been having constant problems trying to get my wordpress blog working, my hosting is through godaddy linux server. Here is a link to exactly what is going on that I need some help with please read through all the post (theres only a few) so you can get an idea of what’s going on:


I have an Acer Aspire One A110 and its been quite a fun little project computer. I installed and extra 1Gb ram and switched the Linux OS for XP (will try and get Windows 7 on it one day) but the only thing holding it back is the poxy 8Gb slow ass SSD drive. I want to upgrade it whether its to 30GB or 250GB anything is better than 8GB plus it is in bits at the moment, that was fun but I thought while it is in bits I might as well get a HDD because I have found loads of tutorials but I am afraid of getting a 2.5 inch one because I am no good at small electronics and rewiring. I want to simply plug in the zif cable and it works.

Something like this


Please help asap. Btw I am in the UK and please I am trying to avoid eBay atm.

My wife is getting into the website creation business as an adjunct to her internet advertising sales and believes she want to run it on wordpress. Being the former IT professional I am I have considered setting up my own Linux box on my LAN to test this. While it could be internet facing through my dedicated DSL connection the purpose of this is mostly for learning. It would be hosted outside for live clients. Other than a bunch of headaches, what would I get out of running my own dedicated server over running a free wordpress site or using a dedicated external host for this?

Note: the main reason I am considering this is that she wants to be able to offer her clients http://www.yourdomainname.com access to their site versus http://wordpress.org/yoursitename. I know there are sites wherein this can be done but those cost money. I thought, if it wasn’t too hard, that I could set up a host to use for learning before paying money.

At the risk of sparking a religious war, if this would make sense does anyone have an recommendations? My goal is to get the system up and working as easily as possible. I am not going to do ongoing Linux development; I simply want a box on which I can host a wordpress site.

I found this site http://technologycrowd.com/2010/01/02/install-wordpress-on-local-ubuntu-server/ with complete step by step instructions. I am open to alternatives if something easier exists.
Thanks to those that already answered. To add to my question, I would never run a client site from my house. The purpose of this is so that she could try something out, decide she doesn’t like it and tell me "reset it so I can try again." I know all about domain registration (my bulkregister account still has 47 domains registered for clients) but again, the point was to give myself a sandbox over which I have full control.
Yes, I have a static IP address. In fact, I run a Windows 2003 small business server as my mail server and domain controller for my house.

On this site http://bobmorris.wordpress.com/2008/02/09/how-to-uninstall-ubuntu-on-dual-boot-windows-xp-using-windows-only/
it tells me to boot off my windows XP CD. Is this the re-installation CD?


I hosted with squarebrothers.com and series of problems haunted me and my website. I wanted to transfer to net4.in but online reviews are reminding me my past horrible experience. These are for static portfolio websites I guess.

I run a daily updated blog that grows rapidly in both size and number of unique visitors.

I run a wordpress blog with at least 2500 unique page views.

I don’t want to have any problems like "bandwidth exceeded" or "CPU resource abuse" or anything else

Can anyone recommend a shared linux hosting service?

money doesn’t matter much

Do I need to go to VPS or dedicated server otherwise?

I invite all recommendations with any plan of web hosting though I prefer Indian company. Do I need to host with US companies for shared or VPS or dedicated server palns? any recommendations on which company?

I am standing with just backup, I don’t want to end up like this again so please help me if you know a hosting company with very good customer support.

Thanks in advance


Hi i want to host my own website?

Hi guys, I need your help.
I want to have my own website.
including features :
sign in box (for users to connect on my site.)
flash work
and much more like that….

Which hosting should i purchase :Linux or windows??
how much knowledge should i have about php, sql or like these….??
where should i get theme, or should i use wordpress…??

Please tell me…Thanks in advance
Hey do i really need an internet website. I just wanna put some articles or like that stuff.

I nowhere read that i have to purchase internet lisence.

Hi need help with opensuse.?

I wanted to install this cool thing, (if u want to install 2 go ahead)


I want to install this cause its hard to install beryl,
this seems pretty easy.
But there is only one problem, it says u need a vide Accelerator Geforce 3 or up.
I dont know what kind of video accelerator I have?
How to I check?
And if i dont have it , where can I download it and how can I install it?
plz. help.

Need SEO experts help – Very Urgent.?

Hello All,

So currently i have a windows server with .asp web pages. My website is search engine optimised and indexed very well by google and more than 95% of my traffic is from google search.

But now due to some reason i have to change the server to linux server and i wont be able to run .asp pages on it.

I have manually designed and created my web pages and last year i tried using wordpress and the whole thing changed. My traffic and alexa rank dropped to lowest because all the indexed web page gave an page not found error. I changed back to my previous .asp pages and the traffic started rising.

So now if i use .php pages or any cms for that website, then how can i redirect all not found error pages to the home page? Is it something related to custom error pages?

Linux server has htaccess page and windows has web.config. I learned about web.config but not sure about how to do it in htaccess. Any suggestion how can i solve this server switch issue? I dont really want the traffic to drop.

What is the best CMS for a website?

I am in the process of building a website. Unlike my other sites I wan’t to use a cms this time. In your opinion what do you think is the best cms. I have tried joomla and drupal and wordpress. Joomla seemed sluggish and the admin panel wasn’t very good. Drupal worked great until I tried to convert my html theme to it. WordPress worked great! Really liked it but it is just to much of a blogging system. I wan’t a website. I also tried surreal cms it was the best so far all I had to do was ad class="editable" to the divs and spans that I wanted to edit. The problem with it is the actual admin panel is hosted on their site. Is there anything like this that I can host on my own server. It would need to be PHP I am a linux dedicated server. I have no ASP support and I refuse to install the apache mods. Thank-You!

PS For anyone wondering on how surreal cms works it hooks up to your ftp system.

eee pc running on linux question?

I have an EEE PC laptop running on Linux .
I have no clue how to download anything , and find it open it , and make it work.
Had this laptop for a year and still don’t know how.
Its telling to upgrade my browser and takes me to this.


How do I download this?

My Linux desktop looks like this.
I think this is crap, so getting rid of this laptop soon.


Hello everyone !

I want to know about server hosting service providers in English.

Because I want to open my blog sites with WordPress.

Requires that the following conditions are met.

1. A very low fee.
2. Common Linux OS such as CentOS. (Not Windows server)
3. User can set wordpress freely.
4. Fully functional condition without errors about using WordPress. (very important point !)
5. Perl, PHP and other things without restrictions.
5. The trial period for free
6. Visa card available
7. Provides better support for using e-mail

I am a Japanese living in Japan, so very poor English :-(

Please reply in simple English, if possible with URL.

Thank you ;-)

Windows vs Linux- Godaddy hosting plans?

I emailed godaddy.com for support but I still can’t find the answer I’m looking for.

I want to purchase an unlimited hosting plan.
I have a macbook so I don’t know if I choose windows or linux.
Does it matter which one I choose?
I heard most mac users go for windows.
When I buy it and have it (whichever one I end up choosing) is it easy to use or am I going to have difficulty trying to run things.
I’m going to try using Joomla or WordPress as the free applications godaddy offers to set up a website because I heard there are more options than simply picking a template already made up website over night plan. (and if joomla or wordpress dont work I will look into getting dreamweaver)
Is this something easy to do for someone who doesn’t know too much about hosting etc?

I hope I’ve given enough information about what I want to know, if not I’ll try and reply a-sap!

can you run wordpress on a linux server?

is it the normal way of doing it.

I would like to purchase a hosting package from godaddy.com so I can host a wordpress blog from there, but the only options are Windows and Linux. I run a mac and don’t want to make an unnecessary purchase.
I’m a designer and not a developer, so if you can dumb it down to a 4th grade level, that would be great. thanks.

Hi, I need a reliable linux web hosting for my wordpress blog website. My friend recommend me to use justhost web hosting service.

And I’d like to know is there any highest rated coupon code available?

Thanks very much

I want to get a good blog writing client to run on my windows laptop and one for my linux laptop. I am using windows live writer on my windows machine and it is nice. I was wondering if there is a better one for windows and if one even exists for linux. I am new at blogs but having fun. leanisgood.wordpress.com. Thanks

I am looking for an inexpensive web hosting firm with wordpress click and install option. I went through some web hosting review sites like "web hosting top dot com", http://www.top-webhosting-services.com, web hosting geeks etc. but I am unable to decide so far. I am specifically looking at one click WordPress install option. I had read somewhere about some web hosting firm providing this service but unable to recall now. I presently have a web hosting account but it does not have the "click and install" wordpress installation option. Any guidance to install wordpress manually on a linux web hosting will also be appreciated.

You know what i mean?

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Thanks I really appreciate the help

I want to start my very own website but like many of us, am short on cash. I understand if you want the good stuff, you should be ready to pony up the cash. All I want is a host company that has at least 2 databases, php, at least able to point to 2 domains, phpmyadmin (not really that necessary but desired), decent storage and bandwidth. I don’t really know what is the norm. Oh, yeah linux based. None of that windows crap for me thank you very much.

On a slightly off topic, it’s funny that I’ve been developing many sites for other people but am pretty naive when it comes to hosting. Personally, I want to have one site for a wordpress blog (who doesn’t these day, huh?) and another for a web application I want to build. Initially it will be more for testing purposes so that I can become familiar with symfony. From my digging around Bluehost seems good. Anyway, that’s my story so I hope those with more experience can help me out. And I BETTER not see any referrals on those links.