I emailed godaddy.com for support but I still can’t find the answer I’m looking for.

I want to purchase an unlimited hosting plan.
I have a macbook so I don’t know if I choose windows or linux.
Does it matter which one I choose?
I heard most mac users go for windows.
When I buy it and have it (whichever one I end up choosing) is it easy to use or am I going to have difficulty trying to run things.
I’m going to try using Joomla or WordPress as the free applications godaddy offers to set up a website because I heard there are more options than simply picking a template already made up website over night plan. (and if joomla or wordpress dont work I will look into getting dreamweaver)
Is this something easy to do for someone who doesn’t know too much about hosting etc?

I hope I’ve given enough information about what I want to know, if not I’ll try and reply a-sap!

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