simple questions. Can you use linux the same way you use windows? does it use a point and click interface? Do you have to know a lot about command line and do you have to build your operating system? or can you just pop in a live cd like windows and everything more or less is done for you? I’m sick of Windows Linux users could you give me some feedback?
What I’m looking for is a version that has a gui like you said your grandmother is using Ubuntu. I need something that will support a virtual PBX like FreePBX or something and hopefully install it for me. Maybe CentOS? Ideas?
I’m also operating under the assumption that command line is like command prompt in windows. Correct? I have had some experience with that. It’s just that there are so many flavors. I tried a dual boot with an Ubuntu ISO and got 187 instances(basically systemic) of keylogger .com It could’ve just com from the mirror but I was on the Official Ubuntu site. Also why do you say that Debian is slower? That was my first choice considering I’m running HP AMD64

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