Hello, Im currently in grade 12 and im wanting to find a good OS to use for my university years.

So Im running vista and in getting Windows 7 but I’m wanting to try a Linux OS. I tried Fedora, Ubuntu and Mint OS, but I have troubles (i.e unfamiliar to the RPM and other commands) and I had some trouble with my graphic card :(

So here is my System specs:

-Intel Core2 QUAD @ 2.33GHz
-nVIDIA 9500GS
-802.11b/g wireless

Note that I might be getting a laptop but the specs above are of my desktop)

So which Linux OS should I try?

Im looking for:
-Something easy to use (but I don’t mind challenges or learning something new)
-Im used to more a KDE then GNOME
-Easy to customize
-Good platform for Development and research and data analyzing/creating/modifying and also good for using Engineering/Scientific Applications (need that as im going into aerospace)
-Good for documenting and office working (i.e Microsoft Office or any variant and able to use Adobe)
-Good for multimedia
-Good for gaming
-good for leisure use
-very good system tools and a great security system
-and just overall very efficient, powerful, long lasting, and the ability to utilize new Technology (i.e. touch screen)

Please and thank you and I know some people might say stick with Windows, but I don’t want to be in trouble of viruses and data loss.

Thanks in advance :)

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