I know one exists but that simple anti-virus software is built into most Debian-based systems but where would I be able to find a virus that will work on Debian etch 4.0? Probably pre-compiled or in a deb package for easy installation/use. The reason I want to do this is not to send a virus to a friend. It is so that I can test the security on a recent Linux project, codename: whiite. This is a distribution of Linux for the wii. It runs from the SD card on a secondary ext3 file-system that’s triggered from a boot.elf homebrew file on the primary fat partition. Both the partitions are on a special SD card that has been made for this purpose. It can run deb and other packages including pre-compiled applications. as long as they just use the terminal because a GUI such as KDE hasn’t been added yet although they’re currently working on X implementation. Also, what would be the after-effects of such a virus? I was just wondering even though I’m still going to try it myself anyways. I know it’s dangerous but whiite doesn’t actually effect the wii’s NAND memory because it’s run directly from the SD card. Yes it is based on wii code (it has to be in order for it to run on the wii), but it won’t do any permanent damage, at least I hope not.
Please don’t delete answers to my question. I asked it once before and it had two answers but when I went to see what they were, someone had reported/deleted/removed them.
I will not use this Debian virus for destructive purposes that could affect someone or the property of anyone other than myself.

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