I have an Acer Aspire One A110 and its been quite a fun little project computer. I installed and extra 1Gb ram and switched the Linux OS for XP (will try and get Windows 7 on it one day) but the only thing holding it back is the poxy 8Gb slow ass SSD drive. I want to upgrade it whether its to 30GB or 250GB anything is better than 8GB plus it is in bits at the moment, that was fun but I thought while it is in bits I might as well get a HDD because I have found loads of tutorials but I am afraid of getting a 2.5 inch one because I am no good at small electronics and rewiring. I want to simply plug in the zif cable and it works.

Something like this


Please help asap. Btw I am in the UK and please I am trying to avoid eBay atm.

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