Hi, I am in a minority of Net users who is against open-source software On msg. boards, it seems that any criticism of Linux or OSS is "trolling" or "FUD." I just feel that OSS made it harder for smaller biz. to develop software. Also, it is very easy to compare OSS to slave labor, since while major transnational corporations like IBM pay their employees to work on open-source projects, professors and individuals think they are supporting "freedom" or "charity." While the recent redefining of copyrights and patents as a property right may be wrong, abolishing it entirely is just too extreme. Often, people will defend OSS due to this, or support the slave labor as "choice."

But what bothers me the most is that every time I do a search on "anti-open source" or "against open-source", I get "anti-OSS attitudes" or "anti-OSS lawsuits." Also, I find it strange that "open source" encyclopedias ripe with politics and errors are first in the results. Why are both search engines so biased?

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