ill start off by saying im not bias towards any of the competing operating systems i use all three windows linux and mac on a regualar basis. and i personally think that microsofts claims agist its competitors are the most inacurate pile of crap i ever heard. its almost as if microsoft’s only tactic is to convince everybody that everybody sux but them. so far every claim made by microsoft aginst its competitors i can proove to be false. i have nuthing aginst windows but this b.s. makes me want to leave windows and use linux or mac. i dont like companies that have to spread lies about ather companies just for its own sucsess. i dont dislike windows but im starting to get a bad taste for microsoft. mac takes shots at microsoft too. but they always show you evedince of their claims. and let you make your own conclution for the most part. linux is a diffrent animal yes. windows comparison to linux was ubuntu. if you never set up ubuntu the right way the the codec packs and updated distro packs then yes its true what they say. its like microsoft is making claims over sumthing they have no idea how to use themselves. these are just my opinions. im curious if anybody feels this way or if im just crazy.

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