well , i am realtivly new to linux ( ubuntu , knoppix )
im going to be going to college soon , and im wondering what sort of jobs would i look at that could require me to use linux ?
i currently know html and am pretty fluent with html , wordpress and style sheets
im working on learning php , and i know a very little amount of python ( basically nothing)
so i guess what im wondering is how do i further my knowledge from just using the os ( i know some things like using terminal , , gedit , sudo …small stuff like that)
but i want to focus my trainign to a specific job soon , and any studies i can do on my own are only going to help me
the reason i was thinking linux , is mainly beacause linux seems like an os that you can really learn … you can "get your hands dirty" in the actual os
but , if you think i would be able to have a more succesfull career with windows then please say so

and what are some future computer related jobs that are going to be in high demand ?
tahnks for your help , it is very much appreciated

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