I am installing Debian (Linux) to my PC.. I have a CD rom. The last stage of installation, it ask me to fill in the apt-sources so that I can get extra packages from the internet. In my polyteck, I was told to type in
deb http://kate.tekotago.ac.nz:9999/debian stable main
deb:http://kate.tekotago.ac.nz:9999/security stable/updates main

The lines will go into a text file etc/apt/source.list
but outside the Polytek, the kate server doesn’t work.
What should I type then?
Pls note that the answers should includes directories not just mirror sites. That is, 2 sentences that I can fill in the source.list. I have tried replacing the http.kate.otago.ac.nz with ftp.nz.debian.org and it didn,t work.

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