I am in the process of building a website. Unlike my other sites I wan’t to use a cms this time. In your opinion what do you think is the best cms. I have tried joomla and drupal and wordpress. Joomla seemed sluggish and the admin panel wasn’t very good. Drupal worked great until I tried to convert my html theme to it. WordPress worked great! Really liked it but it is just to much of a blogging system. I wan’t a website. I also tried surreal cms it was the best so far all I had to do was ad class="editable" to the divs and spans that I wanted to edit. The problem with it is the actual admin panel is hosted on their site. Is there anything like this that I can host on my own server. It would need to be PHP I am a linux dedicated server. I have no ASP support and I refuse to install the apache mods. Thank-You!

PS For anyone wondering on how surreal cms works it hooks up to your ftp system.

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