I am a novice Linux server admin (I can us SSH, vi, cron, and understand config files), but I am willing to learn. However, I do not have hundreds of hours to research and learn all the ins-and-outs of Linux. I need something fairly turnkey:

What is the best server software that will do all or most of the following:
– POP3 server
– SMTP server
– Webmail server (with good standard features, like WYSIWYG editor, attachments, etc.)
– Web-based end-user configuration tools
– Anti-virus
– Anti-spam (blacklists and whitelists & RBL support required, spam filtering logic a plus)
– Authentication data stored in a database for easy management.
– POP-before-SMTP authentication

Similarly, I need to pick the best Linux OS to run this puppy on. I would like an OS with a wizard install, and one with adequate security for a publicly accessible server.

Last of all, it would be great if all of the above would be freely available for commercial use.

Thanks for your help!

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