I want to start my very own website but like many of us, am short on cash. I understand if you want the good stuff, you should be ready to pony up the cash. All I want is a host company that has at least 2 databases, php, at least able to point to 2 domains, phpmyadmin (not really that necessary but desired), decent storage and bandwidth. I don’t really know what is the norm. Oh, yeah linux based. None of that windows crap for me thank you very much.

On a slightly off topic, it’s funny that I’ve been developing many sites for other people but am pretty naive when it comes to hosting. Personally, I want to have one site for a wordpress blog (who doesn’t these day, huh?) and another for a web application I want to build. Initially it will be more for testing purposes so that I can become familiar with symfony. From my digging around Bluehost seems good. Anyway, that’s my story so I hope those with more experience can help me out. And I BETTER not see any referrals on those links.

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