Ok so i got everything right with this installation.
Everything boots right in perfect.
Im running Ubuntu Linux Fiesty Fawn 7.04 on Microsoft’s Virtual PC console.
I have a problem when i try to apply the
‘Desktop Effects’ i enable them and then poof my screen turns white i cannot see absolutely anything! After that Ubuntu automatically turns this feature off (about 5 sec)
This is the most important reason in why i was trying out Linux to make it my primary OS because of the work effeciency that you get for example using the cube effect.
I find that Linux runs pretty slow! i allocate 512 mb of ram to Microsoft Virtual PC and i notice that Windows XP and Ubuntu are not even close in speed!
Please note that:

Windows XP and Fiesty Fawn are running side by side and Linux is a lot slower than XP!!!!
My Computer Specs are:
Intel Pentium 4 3.20 ghz
1 GB DDR Ram
200 GB SATA internal Hard drive
250 GB Seagate external Hard drive
ATI Radeon X1550 PCI (not PCI-Express :[ )

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