Yahoo Messenger For Linux?

Any idea how to install yahoo messenger for Linux. Its in an .rpm file and I read to install alien to convert it to a .deb. I installed that with no problem, but when I did the command for sudo alien -k then the name after, I just would get file can’t be found, yet it’s there on the desktop. Any other suggestions on how to do it

Can I install Yahoo! Messenger on Mandrake?

I see only Red Hat version for Linux. I have Mandrake 10. Can I install a Yahoo Mess on Mandrake?

how can i have yahoo messenger using LINUX OS?

im having a hardtime having yahoo messenger using linux os is it possible to have it?

i tried using the default, ‘Kopete’, but had problems with it, like i couldn’t sign out of my signed in yahoo messenger… solution for this also will work-out…..

When you’re using windows, you can use different programs in your computer, right? Like "MS office, MS Word, Yahoo Mail, MS Excel, etc.," if I replace Windows XP with Linux OS, will these programs also be affected? Please help me. Thanks.

Again : I have debian linux with a 2.4 kernel (i think) and during the installation of this version i installed the desktop enviroment package. I saw that there was a webserver option but i didnt select it at that time but i now want to install that package, could anyone help me (step by step would be very nice). Once i have this package installed i want to configure this linux to be a webserver accessible from inside and outside of my network, e.g host my own site. I know it can be done but i just need it in a way which isnt confusing and helpful.
So i want to :
1) Install the webserver package of Debian Linux (i have desktop enviourment installed with a 2.4 kernel i think)
2) I want to be able to set up this linux system to host website so that i can become a website hoster / reseller.
= Step by step instructions will be helpful, i have yahoo messenger and it would be very grateful if you can help me. I have the linux system running on a Virtual Machine at the moment, have a pc.

I found a similar question on yahoo answers, but it did not cover my problem. The download seems about done, but it asks for a localhost login? I have no idea what to do.
I tried my name and a random password – nothing

I have kubuntu feisty, and I wanto have yahoo messenger as I did with windows for the last 4 years, so If anyone knows how please help me.

If anyone from yahoo staff see this… yahoo-linux users are desperate for an upgraded version of the messenger so please, make an effort and create it please… thanks to everyone. sorry for my english. I’m colombian

Ubuntu linux is among the most popular desktop operating systems on the planet, yet very feq companies develop applications for it, if you can write a nice flashy instant messanger for windows and mac, why not ubuntu linux? you can’t say it’s standardization standing in the way, Ubuntu (not kubuntu, edubuntu, or xubuntu) has specific software it comes with, anything else is "extra" but certainly available. Yahoo! wrote an instant messanger that is so old it looks like the very first windows version. come on guys! linux can do ANYTHING! Why the hell do you think so many people are turning to it!?! someone please explain this travesty to me…PLEASE!

If yahoo censors this what else is it hiding from the public?
I have further details here: