i want to use yahoo messenger in linux mandrake 10.1
i’m new to linux .send me details………

Yahoo messenger for suse linux?

someone plz gimme the link of yahoo messenger which supports SUSE linux

[JAVA] Need help with encryption?

I’m writing an email address and pass to be stored in a .db file, but it can easily be stolen by just reading it. How can I encrypt it without being easily decrypted by an outside source? I also need to be able to decrypt it for the program.

Can I use Java’s Security/Crypto API or do I have to create my own encryption method? And how can I make sure that someone can’t just decompile my .class file and read the algorithm?

Thanks a bunch, giving out best answer,
SOLVED, PLEASE ANSWER MY NEW ENCRYPTION QUESTION: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110221154027AAbXZoP

What do you know about ubuntu linux?

Hi. I’m planning on opening up an internet cafe in another country and really don’t want to pay to license 20 computers with microsoft. I recently found Ubuntu Linux and saw they distribute their operating system for free. How good is it compared to windows? How long does it take to learn? Does it run normal internet applications such as like Yahoo Chat, You Tube and Limewire? What kind of programs can you get that’s similar to Microsoft Office, etc. Basically anything and everything you can tell me about it. The most info. gets the 10 points. Thanks. :-)


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My computer freezes when I go to yahoo mail.

that can work skype , yahoo messenger…etc

Linux messenger?????

Does anyone know of a messenger that I can download that runs in linux….I know what chat clients there are….I am asking for a link! Maybe an .rpm for msn or yahoo would be great..!!!

if any one have then contact me on my id i.e rohit_e27@yahoo.co.in

does yahoo have a messenger for SUSE Linux?

Does yahoo have any messenger for SUSE Linux?
I have visited the site and got Yahoo
messenger installer. But none can be installed on SuSE Linux. Please send me the link to get the proper installer and the procedure to install.

I am using Redhat ws 4

How 2 install google talk& yahoo msger in linux?

Yahoo Messenger For Linux?

Any idea how to install yahoo messenger for Linux. Its in an .rpm file and I read to install alien to convert it to a .deb. I installed that with no problem, but when I did the command for sudo alien -k then the name after, I just would get file can’t be found, yet it’s there on the desktop. Any other suggestions on how to do it

I am using a low memory old computer with a Mandrake LE 2005 Linux and latest Firefox,
I got an error 6 and Yahoo told me to get in touch with Customer Care, and also Answers here.

I just received new PC with dual boot, XP and Kubuntu. hope to continue running Yahoo Messenger under Kubuntu to make internet phone calls. Can’t find any info on this so far. thanks for any input. Sharon


How to install Grasshopper?then how to run dotnet application in linux?means i wanna knw that What is Grasshoper and mono?and what my further step to run dotnet website in linux(fedora)?give me sum tips abt that.

Anks Shah


Yahoo guys what would you suggest for Best open source server(Linux) in the market today.
kindly advice the Free of cost
Server Which is free of cost
I want server not desktop…It should have desktop kernal..

from where i will get/download WINE rpm?

Does anyone know where I can download a WINE RPM that has
everything needed for WINE to run under Red Hat 9?
> I have a whole bunch of Windows sports simulation games that
I’d like to see if I can run under Linux through an emulator like WINE.
> I also want to run windows softwares like YAHOO Messenger and other internet based softwares

I got many answers for other comic-book related questions but, only one for this one-


Looking for some open source version of yahoo briefcase for my school. I am the tech person and would like for my students to be able to access their personal folders (windows network) over the web. I know there are high dollar pieces of software to do this, but as a k-12 school, there isn’t much money. Not afraid of linux, but would rather be asp.

I bought this l.t. in May and I could not stand Windows Vista, so I put Mandriva (Linux) on here. I use to be able to connect wirelessly when I brought up local networks through the Mandriva Control Center, now when I go to look for connections, nothing shows up even though I know there are connections available this has happened in Starbucks, my house, in college, the library and all places where there are DEF. connections available. Open source can get complicated at times, please help, my email adress is ehsoteric@yahoo.com if im not clear enough about this subject.

Linux help?

I’m trying to get Yahoo Messenger on this laptop that’s running Linux. I really don’t know anything about Linux and I’m planning to change back to windows, but I need to get yahoo messenger on here first for reasons that are really offtopic.

Anyway! when I go to the Yahoo Messenger site it says Redhat 6, 7, 8, or 9? I don’t know what this is, or what it means, but when I download any of them the .rpm files don’t run, how do I run these files?

i cant install any version of yahoo messenger or any other chat client and this makes me mad because chatrooms are my main interest. does anyone know of a way that i can access yahoo chat from the web like i can get into yahoo im’s with meebo or through email? this not being able to get into yahoo chat rooms really blows!

Cool linux applications?

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 the other day and have been asking questions here a lot, so thanks to those that helped me. :)
Now I’m looking for cool software or fun games. Any recommendations?
I did compiz-fusion yesterday and it is AMAZING. I love it. Any others? (I hate the short lifespan of yahoo answers questions; they die too quickly.)

I’m trying to find a sight for downloading music. A list of musts
1 Must be legal (I do not mind paying for what I get)
2 Can’t be monopolized buy only using MS Windows based software (Like Yahoo who by the way runs FreeBSD a lot)
3 Have song from 1970-2006 (Not just today’s songs)

It would be great if it was just a web based pay and down load. For the life of me I can not understand why every sight requires you to download and install there software. This could me written in java, flash or in plane HTML.

I just installed SUSE Linux 10.1 and have been unable to figure out how to install 3rd party software such as Yahoo Messenger or Google Earth.