In Linux desktops, there is a notion of multiple workspaces. These workspaces reduce the cluttering of active applications. In Windows, often too many applications are shown in the start bar that it gets too confusing to identify which application is which.

For example, one may open several Word document. On the start bar, the user could only see a lot of active Word application running. Therefore, there is no quick way of getting to the right instance of Word quickly. Segregating the intances into different workspaces would help as in Linux.

I want to buy an Acer emachine E725, which comes with preloaded Ubuntu Linux Operating system. My office PC has Windows XP. I want to take parts of office works to home and take back finished works to office via USB pen drive. I heard pen drives are only compatible with windows 98 and later versions. Can a word document be opened in open office and vice versa ?