how do i install itunes 10 on linux ubuntu?

I’ve used wine and play on linux to download the application, but it just isn’t working. Every time I click on the application to open it doesn’t open up. Does anyone know what I can do to make it work.
itunes seven is working just fine, but I don’t want the old version i want the newer version.

How do i download stuff on Ubuntu Linux?

I know that u can go to applications>add/remove programs, but how do i download stuff off the web? people talk about this "Wine" thing but i dont know what it does, or how to use it, i am very new to linux so please use steps, thank you.

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Fedora or RedHat Linux for a Desktop?

I’m considering jumping into the Linux scene again. I want something fast and flexible, but also easy to use. The two that someone reccomended are Fedora and RedHat Enterprise Linux Desktop.

I want something that’ll run games under WINE very well, and I want package management to be fast and easy.

Apparently Fedora and RedHat are very alike, but which one is faster and better for a desktop environment. I will be doing casual browsing and listening to music, alongside playing games under WINE.

Which one will be the fastest and most productive?

Thank you.
Scratch that, how about SlackWare?

I have downloaded Wine (I don’t want to pay for anything) but I still get an error when I try to run .exe applications in Ubuntu. Help?

Do I just need to simply download Wine, and then stick the disk in, selected "setup.exe" and away I go like a standard Windows installation or will there be more to it than that?


Running dual boot Linux and OS X Leopard?

can you dual boot linux and OS X Leopard on an iMac?
if so, would I be able to run windows applications through linux?
specifically, while using WINE?
if no, are there any other ways to run windows apps on a mac?
thanks for any help!

Where do I download the Nessus Client?

I am running openSuse and I am trying to set up nessus. I have the server all set up but I literally cannot find the client anywhere. Where can I find it? Even the windows client would be find because I could run it in wine, but linux is preferred! (rpm or tarball). Thanks!

Wine will not work with this app. Would VirtualBox be better than dual boot? or is there a better way? Hdd space is not an issue.

i tryed running cheat engine 5.5 through WINE but its not working.


I’m wondering if is it possible to run graphic applications made with API Windows under Linux with Wine?

Or does any other media software work such as amorak?

I tried downloading Itunes but it won’t install.
Ok without installing WINE is there an way to make itunes work?
I mean it’s pretty ironic, ipods are apple softare!!! and Linnux is the OS for most apple machines, so why doesn’t itunes work with mandriva

Can I move iTunes songs onto linux applications?

can i move the iTunes song files from windows that i have onto something like rhythmbox or songbird on linux? I’m thinking this might be true because songbird can import iTunes songs. I’m just asking how I move that to a linux version of songbird or something. Do I just use a flash drive? would that work?
By the way, I know about Wine. I just don’t want to have to use Wine to use iTunes.

I personally think that the linux OSes, need to develop their WINE more.

Contact hardware manufactures and software developers to ask them to make a Linux version or to have it open source (hardware manufacturers only)

Make it that the main Linux OS, have a universal installing program. Right now its .rpm for fedora and .deb for ubuntu and Debian.

Promoting Linux operating systems through multimedia platforms (IE: tv, radio, ads)

from where i will get/download WINE rpm?

Does anyone know where I can download a WINE RPM that has
everything needed for WINE to run under Red Hat 9?
> I have a whole bunch of Windows sports simulation games that
I’d like to see if I can run under Linux through an emulator like WINE.
> I also want to run windows softwares like YAHOO Messenger and other internet based softwares

I recently installed mandriva linux on my laptop but I realized I’m going to need to put windows back on the computer to play a couple of games I can’t get to work with wine. Whats the process for installing a dual boot of linux and windows with linux already being installed?

Can anyone please help me.
I like linux for it’s reliability but what a reliability can do if I can’t enjoy it?
I have crashed windows almost for 150 times and linux only twice. So it saves my time so please help me.
And can you suggest any online reading for linux. I am reading fedora core2 by C. Negus.
Please tell me how to install any software using WINE and also how can I attach Linux Programs/Softwares to linux.
what is use of rpm files. Can I delete rpms after I run command rmp -U packagename.rpm
I am thankful to any who can help me.

How do I install software on the Ubuntu Linux OS?

I’m trying to figure out how to install software on Ubuntu. I have Rosetta Stone and Resident Evil 5, but I can’t figure out how to install them from the DVD to the OS.

Ok I installed it using Wine, but now when I clicked launch application, nothing happened. I tried restarting it and clicking the icon, but still nothing happens. What can I do to fix this?

How to open applications in Linux?

Im a newbie when it comes to linux and the new way files come up when i download an application is confusing to me. Is there any guide that can explain how to use it?
Im new to linux and im used to windows showing me a folder and an executable file, is there a guid that can walk me through the linux version of throwing a bunch of ummm i dont know what at me.
I tried to download Wine so i could play guild wars and i was expecting a single icon to pop up, boy was i wrong.

I have Linux Mint 7 Gloria, and I tested a malicious script (fork bomb) to see if it would adversely effect the computer, and it did crash. Could other malicious scrips meant to harm Windows harm Linux in Wine? If so, should I consider installing virus protection in Wine?

What is the best Linux distribution for WINE?

I’d like to experiment with using WINE to install various "higher end" windows applications under Linux, including Adobe Photoshop, Fruity Loops 7 and MS Office. What distributions are easiest to configure to run windows applications like these?

Ubuntu / Linux winning over Microsoft users ?

With its increasing popularity with Ubuntu and the like, will Linux based systems ever make a significant dent in the Microsoft monopoly.

I for one, the more I use Ubuntu, the less I want to Boot into Windows.

What do you think ?
many thanks to piratesmack for sharing the WINE information with me.

its has several .xxx options…. like .tar, .gx , .rpm ,.bz2 .deb. im using kubuntu linux 8.10 and when i try to install using wine it tells me to enter the proxy. whats a proxy and what do i enter when it asks?


I just installed the Backtrack 2 Linux distribution and I am very newbiew at everything with Linux. So say i wanted to install the Pidgin instant message source. The file name is pidgin-2.2.2.tar.bz2. What exactly would i type in to unpack that file and then install it? And I am also interested in installing Wine. Could someone walk me through that as well?