I’m currently using Microsoft’s Windows XP. How can I change it to Linux Operating System? X

which of these linux os is best?

I usually use Windows XP. now i swiched to Ubuntu & wanted to know is this the best linux can do or anyone of these are better?

Red Hat
Santa Fe Linux
Yellow Dog

Idiot needs help with SuSE linux 10.1?

I had Windows XP Professional and Suse Linux 10.1 "installed”–dual boot. I followed a tutorial showing me how to uninstall Linux by means of deleting partitions. Hence, drive G was created. But then when I restarted a my computer I could boot into windows because of, as I now know, grub. So I reinstalled Linux. Well! I found another tutorial telling me to do that same thing–so now I have a drive T as well as a G–and that I could then merge those partitions. So I downloaded this program: . It was the only one I could find that had a free trial and was a .exe installer file. Right, so I was forced to restart my computer . . only I could not, due to grub. So I reinstalled Linux, and now I have more partitions than I started with. How can I merge them so I only have a drive D and C (plus the removable ones) and uninstall SUSE linux? I do not have an installer CD for XP because it came pre-installed. And I can’t remember my SuSE username and password. Can any one please explain all this to me, step by step, slowly(!) and in plain English because I’m stupid and even now I barely know what I’m talking about. I’ve looked and looked and looked for tutorials and either I can’t understand them, or they don’t fit my situation. Well, before I got to the part where I put in my username and password and such–that is, right after the installation–it booted me back to the main menu and THEN took me back to the grub boot screen. Then my computer restarted myself. Just as it shut off, I pulled out the SUSE linux dvd, then as it was starting up, I hit the system recovery key–f10–on the compaq startup screen. This has never worked, but I tried, nearly out of habit. My key pressing went ignored. The grub boot screen started up-now, here’s where mine is rather unusual (at least I think it is–it didn’t look like this the first time I installed linux–this is my third time to install it):

Suse Linux 10.1
windows 1
windows 2
Suse Linux 10.1 in safe mode.

At least, this is how I remember the menu . . My memory really is terrible. Now, normally to log onto Windows I have to use windows 2–windows 1 just takes be back to the boot screen. But I thought, might as well, and opted for windows 1. I was then taken to the Windows System Recovery console. I went throught the process . . . it kept my old programs, restored my default settings, brought back all of my OLD bookmarks (from last year) and plugins for firefox. . . . The partitions were still split up the same, but with different names. I’m scared to restart again and see what happens.

Computer freezes up?

I have a Compaq that has been acting up lately. I had Windows XP Home Ed. installed on it. I was having problems because windows would not even load up. I attempted to perform full recovery on the hard drive. But it would freeze on the process. I assumed it must have been a windows, so I decided wipe everything and install Linux Mandrake on that machine. The computer still freezes during the linux intallation process. What could be causing this?

Linux on a microsoft XP/ Dell?

is it possible to instill linux mint 7 on the same HD with Windows XP?

I want to listen to the same music at the same time with 2 computers in my LAN. One is running Linux, the other one Windows XP. So I thought it would be the best to set up server on the linux pc and setup a stream to the other pc. But I don’t know how to do that. What application do you recommend me? Should be easy (fast) to configure. Is this possible without a delay, anyway?

1. Which is the best version of Linux & why? (links appreciated)?

2. I only have one PC so I would want to try it installed to a separate partition, alongside windows XP using multiple boot options – I assume this would work?

3. The main reason I want to dump microsoft (& kick bill gates in the nads) is that every time I get a faster processor or more memory, billy gates’s bloatware slows it right back down again (most things seemed to happen faster when I was using a 386SX). IN GENERAL [app dependent], would linux be an improvement in this area?

4. When I remove windows completely, will I still be able to communicate with MSN messenger buddies?

5. How would you describe the learning curve for someone who’s used to windows?

6. In your opinion, Is Linux likely to increase it’s share of the domestic market, and therefore pursuade more software developers to port their products to Linux?
ADDENDUM: I’d also like to know how system stability compares to windows, ditto for overall security – I think my current AV (AVG) is available for Linux but I haven’t checked to be sure.

i am having a virus on my windows XP, it is called SCCVIHOST.exe, i am not able to delete it by any means, i even formatted the C partition but with no succes also

so i installed LINUX Mandrake 9 on the same PC having the virus so that i can delete the virus from linux by logging into the other paritions dealing with windows:

i was able to install linux and log into the windows partition, but i am not able to delete the files of this virus, the system tells me, that these are read only file system, how can i solve this? if it helps, i got this error when trying to delete the file from the WINDOWS folder !

another question which may sound stupid, i am not able to log into into folders with (spaces) in their names, for example, if i have a folder named (new folder), i write (cd new folder/) but it does not work! linux cannot find the specified folder !!

PLZ any help will be great, i dont want to format the whole Hard disk, thx a lot

I’m not meaning this as if they are bad, they are both great. It’s just that whenever I use them I get an odd feeling in my stomach. My mother told me that sometimes colors and designs make some people feel a little woozy.

I only get this feeling when I’m looking at extremely high detailed and clean looking interfaces. Now with Microsoft Windows XP I can look at it and not feel woozy since I can look closely at the task bar and see the grain of the granite. But with Ubuntu and Vista, I cannot. Why is this?

And no I’m not prone to seizures.

Mac OS
Windows XP
Windows 98

what is the difference between installing linux and installling microsoft windows xp

How to dual boot XP/Mandrake?

I recently reinstalled windows on my computer splitting it into 2 partitions, shortly before installing mandriva/mandrake on the second half of the disk. Everything was going smoothly, but this is my first time installing linux, and something must have gone wrong. I think I must have forgotten to install grub or something, because there’s no option to boot into windows XP. This is my 3rd time reformatting, and my 5th time reinstalling, so please don’t ask me to start from scratch. =_=

This is the most frustrating thing in the world. Could someone please tell me how to install and set up grub/lilo?

Thanks in advance.

I’m basically looking for a Windows XP/Vista alternative….I don’t care about programming or running a server….I want basic applications like Mozilla Firefox 2.0, a mail program, image editor, etc….

Linpus Linux Lite questions?

i am trying to redo a friends computer it is a Acer Aspire One it had Windows XP on it and Ubuntu Netbook wont install on it i am downloading Linpus Linux Lite that acer uses on its Aspire Ones only thing is i know nothing about Linpus how easy is it to use compared to a long time windows user and is it Ubuntu (.deb) based or Fedora (.rpm) based?

It said I can install Ubuntu ALONGSIDE Microsoft Windows, but I’m worried. Will I have to re-install Windows XP if I want to go back to it or not? I’m using a netbook so unless I pay over £100, I’m stuck with Linux. Please help.

How do I uninstall Mandriva Linux?

About a year back I divided my hard drive into 3 drives with 24 GB, 14 GB and 42 GB. I installed Linux on the 14 GB partition and now the partition is no longer available through Windows XP.
I’ve got no idea if I’m using LILO or GRUB. I can’t seem to figure it out.
I want to get that memory back to Windows by uninstalling Linux.
Can anyone please point me to a site, or please explain how that’s done?

Thanks in advance.

Linux vs Microsoft windows XP?

Ok i heard the Linux is a great OS but i have windows XP Professional. So I want Linux but I also want to keep my windows(dual boot…I think thats what its called..idk) cause i have many video games and plan on getting a few more in a few days so I’m not sure if they will run on Linux so it would be nice to have windows there at my disposal.I want to be able to switch between linux and windows and have data like video games,music and other documents on both.

So is this possible?

How much space will this take up?

Will my PC run slower?

Also i heard on this web site: http://apcmag.com/install_linux_from_windows.htm

that I can just download Linux with out going through all the BOIS and booting stuff (because I don’t have a clue about how I would do it)

Will this work?

Any Linux AND/or XP users out there got any good info/tips/ad vis?
And what are some disadvantages of Linux running with windows like it said in the web site.
I also want to use Compiz Fusion so another reason Linux looks cool.
But will both run as if the other wasn’t even there like my games would work on windows even if they don’t run on Linux
Another thing is I don’t want to use the CD(the website i posted mentions a way that doesn’t need a CD and no extra hard drive or what ever please give it a quick look before answering(sorry for not mentioning this sooner.

Okay, now i have my mums computer and she has a lock on it as she is the admin… i also have a ubuntu disk which has Mandriva 2008 or something like that and when i boot up the computer, i press Esc on her Windows Xp computer, and then it takes me to a Disk Selection, i press the third one and it starts up, i press Mandriva 2008 Spring or sometimes Ubuntu Live Disk, Now the question is… can my mum see what i am on or if i download stuff will it go onto her desktop???

PS- But when i have finished i obviously take the disk out!!

Is Microsoft Office compatible with Linux?

I am trying to get my mom to let me get Ubuntu with OpenOffice and delete windows XP from the family computer. She is worried that if I had to do a project at school (with Word, PowerPoint, or Excel) that I won’t be able to work on it at home. Am I able to put my stuff on a thumb drive and bring it home to work on? Will it work fine?

linux with microsoft?

i want to download but i dont want to delete my windows xp operating system can i download linux and wndows xp on a pc if yes where can i download the latest free version of linux

Question about open source OS?

Can someone please give me a list of the most popular Linux distributions (or and open source OS for that matter). Also a small description of there category and what there for would be good. Also what would your recommendation be for a windows XP user.

We’re using Oracle forms and reports as development tools and 10g database. We have developed an app that runs on Windows XP, and I would like to know what are the possibilities for it to run in a Linux client, such as Fedora, Ubuntu, etc.

Is it possible? What would I need to do that?

That’d be great, since Mint is purely ubuntu-based…

I saw this — Oracle Instant Client is another option for installing an Oracle client, with more recent versions available.

Would that be enough?
I’m interested in running the app in client machines…

Wireless internet issues in SuSE Linux?

I have just installed SuSE Linux on my computer along side Windows XP and Windows Vista. Everything works great except for my wireless internet. I have configured my wireless card (Linksys WMP54G) with ndiswrapper and I can finally see all of the local wireless networks. I clicked on linksys (my wireless network) and it gets to 57% and then it hangs and disconnects. I have tried manually entering the IP address and Subnet Mask from the Windows XP part of my computer and it connected, but I could not access the internet. PLEASE HELP!!!!

I had configured my own linux box and hosted a Java web application using Tomcat server.When I access http://linux_box_ip:8080 on my linux box it works well.Then when I tried to access this application by typing the http://linux_box_ip:8080 in a web browser from a windows xp box, I can’t access my web application. Can anyone tell me what needs to be configured in order to access my linux box from windows box? BTW my linux ip address is dynamic and allocated by my ISP/cable company comcast. Thanks in advance…

I do not have any experience on anything but windows xp and want to try linux