Which of the following operating systems is open-source software?
A) Macintosh Operating System
B) Unix
C) Windows Operating System
D) Linux

open source > allows programmers to make changes in operating system code.
A) server running the Linux operating system
B) handheld computer/smartphone/PDA running Palm OS
C) personal computer running the windows operating system

For years, Microsoft has referenced independent analyses of Microsoft Windows and Linux with a conclusion that the Microsoft Windows operating system is cheaper to operate when considering the life of product costs. However, critics say this is misleading because Microsoft has paid the analysts to produce the reports resulting in bias.

Do you believe that Microsoft is cheaper for businesses to operate over the lifetime of the product?

Linux Mandrake soft 9.1.4 installation?

i have the installation cd’s of LINUX MANDRAKEsoft 9.1.4 with me.
i have installed the windows operating system quite a lot of times but now i want to install linux.
this installation is quite different from windows installation as it needs another partition for something called "root"
please send me the detailed procedure for its installation.
i have a samsung SV0411N 40GB HDD with 4 partitions out of which one is 5gb two are 12gb and one is 10 gb all have ntfs filesystem….where my current windows is on on 12gb partition
please help me installing this linux as dual boot system
if i have to change my partition sizes also tell the procedure for the same….

Right now i’m using a Windows XP OS. if i boot from a Live CD version of Linux (let’s say.. ubuntu) and i get a file infected with a trojan, will the trojan still harm my Windows Operating System while i’m using a Live CD version of Linux?

With all the money and resources and most importantly talents, why is the architecture and underlying technology of the Windows operating system still unchanged from the earlier days as opposed to the inherently more secure design of Linux? I’ve read lots of reviews and analysis explaining how the architecture of Windows is flawed, the way it handles processes et al, and i’m sure Richmond isn’t short of talents to address such problems, so why do they still persist?