How do you get Windows on Linux?

What is the best way to run windows applications on ubuntu, without double-booting?

Running dual boot Linux and OS X Leopard?

can you dual boot linux and OS X Leopard on an iMac?
if so, would I be able to run windows applications through linux?
specifically, while using WINE?
if no, are there any other ways to run windows apps on a mac?
thanks for any help!

We had a tech guy come in because my dads computer sucks, and he has major bottlenecks.. but thats beside the point, the tech guy said that there was speculation that vista is going to be discontinued. any truth?

also i was wondering if linux runs DirectX 10 and other windows applications.

I’ve been considering getting Linux for a long time now, I and I need some information first. First of all, how is it different? Second, though I don’t really have any movies or pictures or music on my computer yet, I think the Windows applications like Pivot and Game Maker could get wiped off when I switch to Linux. Can I get them back? That’s all I can think of, but if you have any other info, do tell.

Is there free program that allows you to run linux as a regular Windows application just as you run MS Word or Safari orAcrobat Reader as windows applications? I tried Wubi but what it forced me to do was partition part of my hard drive. I now have dual boot.

I’m looking for just as an app. Also needs the linux app needs to make use of my wireless connection. Help!

If there were a Linux distro. that could run all Windows applications how hard would it hit Microsoft?

What is the best Linux distribution for WINE?

I’d like to experiment with using WINE to install various "higher end" windows applications under Linux, including Adobe Photoshop, Fruity Loops 7 and MS Office. What distributions are easiest to configure to run windows applications like these?

I never used Linux before. Is it easy? Can Linux run Windows applications and games (Warcraft 3, Quake 4, UT2004, etc.) for free?

dont say u cant there must be a way, if i cant install windows applications on Damn Small Linux OS, theres no point of me getting linux. its just useless

How many different Linux OS are there?

I have heard of lots of different Linux OS like Ubunto and Mandriva.

Im pretty computer savy so which one do you think fits me best?

Also, are Linux able to play Windows games or run windows applications?