Why does my computer always crash?

Everytime i play any kind of audio or video (more specifically with audio) my computer crashes! Its a selfmade computer with an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ CPU, 2gb of memory, and 74 gb 10,000 rpm hard drive.

The computer hasnt been running correctly ever since the power went out one day and obviously my computer shut down. When i booted it up again, it ALWAYS freezes when audio/video plays. I have updated all the drivers for both audio/video and done windows update.

I have the same problem witn windows 2000, win xp pro, win xp 64bit AND linux! Is it my motherboard or soundcard (creative audigy 2)?

One more thing to note is my motherboard has an ATI video chipset with PCI express x16 and i’m using a NVIDIA pci video card (very old school). I havnt bought a new video card (pci express ATI) due to this issue, i dont want to waste my money.

First off, yes I am a noob, but I’m trying to learn. I’m going to try out a Linux based OS, but my motherboard’s instructions only mention support for Windows 2000, and XP. If I try to install a different OS anyway could I possibly do permanent damage to my motherboard?

How do you get Linux to give me my RAID back?

I have an old server box that had a Adaptec aic 7899 RAID control on it. The box was running windows 2000 but everything was wiped. We changed it to a Debian Linux. how do I get the Raid back???