Which of the following operating systems is open-source software?
A) Macintosh Operating System
B) Unix
C) Windows Operating System
D) Linux

In the FBS (frequency-based schedler) in Linux redhat version, where is the fbswait() function defined at? I am doing some porting from a different Unix machine to this one and need more details on this function from the FBS group. Thanks!
I really meant I want to know where the definition is cause in fbsched.h it’s an ‘extern’ type. I can’t find the def anywhere. Thanks!

When I start Debian all I get is the shell. I have KDE and I typed startx and nothing happened. Also I downloaded the nvidia linux drivers but the file is .run and i am a total noob to UNIX-like systems. How do I install it?

ive always used linux,but i have never tried freebsd,i think that might be possible since both are unix based.i wanna make sure before i burn it on a cd.

I read RMS’s entire bio an I don’t recall Debian ever popping up in it. I love (and need to install the most recent version of ubuntu, but hard drive is messed at present) linux; it’s my fave OS by far! Peaceful, great community, open source, good beliefs and mentality etc.

I know GNU is rms’s deal, gpl and the like. GNU’s not unix I understand GNU and linux completely; don’t understand debian.
linux is linus torvald’s kernal
I don’t understand why and how almost all gnu/linux packages are .deb?? WTF is going on ?

Is software for linux called "debian"? If so, that seems annoying ridiculous. what’s going on with that? cheers. thanks.
Can you install Debian os/gui like GNOME/GNU? IF so, why do I rarely ever see such OS?
To what does debian refer?

GNU refers to the non-kernal part of "linux"?

The mass does not know what Linux/Unix is and even less know how to install it and get it up and running. Open Source is great, but Linux really needs to unite under some sort of origination. That will standerize things like driver support, Application programing, and Computer networking. Then after a more stable OS is made, they make a strong universal marketing campaign. When was the last time you saw a TV add for Linux? But Mac/Windows are on all the time! Get the word about Linux out!!!

I mean it can’t be that they spend their time and money to create software like Linux, Unix, GKnot, VirtualDub etc. etc. and get nothing in return.

is there any laptop that comes with linux (redhat) or unix (solaris) OS installed on it as it’s main OS??

I wanted to DL a C++ program to add a command and it was only available as a TAR? also if its C++ what is the chance of it being for 64bit also? I guess I could set up one of my machines as a Linux – would this even help? If a UNIX machine is used to program a C++ program is this going to run on my Windows machine – I’m a little confused – thanks for any help!

What are the operational differences between Linux and UNIX? Why would a programmer choose one over the other? What about software selection and ease of programming (with already basic knowledge of programming, and wanting to dive in to open source)?

In terms of Linux, what makes things like Red Hat cost money and things like Ubuntu not? Is pay-for OS based on Linux better quality than freely distributed OS? What is the best choice for Linux-or-Unix OS for a budding programmer?

I am confused about which linux OS to use ?

any suggestions. I want to use it for programming and learning UNIX commands.

I have no IT experience beside playing with Office03.
I wish I could become an administrator.
I am giving myself 1 year to accomplish this goal.
My boyfriend told me that go for UNIX?? But why??

microsoft employees using unix/linux?

im curious, suppose there was a person or more that one person using unix/linux instead of windows who was working for microsoft. would bill gates immediately have them sacked and hung?

I’ve heard of GTK+, Cocoa API and others, but which API do you recommend to learn to program applications for Mac, and other Unix/Linux systems like Redhat and SuSE?

My buisness just outgrew itself, and we now have way too many clients to be using just a dell poweredge server with ubuntu on it. What I want is an open-source(preferably linux/unix based) enterprise network/server operating system with client support. Does anyone know of such a thing(similar to Novell’s Netware) that is open source-like GNU/BSD/LAMP based? Because I refuse to shell out 0 out of my own pocket for Novell when there are so many other open-source projects out there. And I’m SURE one of them is an enterprise OS!!!!
Requirements: FTP, Active directory, Proxy support, client support(logging, group policy, etc.), DNS, print server utilities, and remote management/access.

What are some operating systems that are not a version or distro of Mac, Unix, Windows, Linux OS
Also excluding any os’es that reverse engineer mac, unix, windows, linux

I mean Windows is a pretty much well known O.S…and as far as embedded development or ASIC design is concerned why do companies use UNIX/LINUX system..Why don’t they use Windows…?
( I just learned that to work in ASIC or some embedded platforms I need to learn either or both OS)

When i tried opening the archive downloaded from the Unix section this message appear "Could not open "rh9.ymessenger-1.0.4-1.i386.rpm"

Archive type not supported."

What can i do?

If you have ever checked out http://groklaw.net then you may know quite a bit about this case. It seems so frivilous (in the legal sense) on the part of SCO, and revelations are piling on top of each other to reinforce that impression. Microsoft is propping up SCO financially (at least through ‘license fees’). Will Microsoft face DoJ heat by the time this fiaSCO is through? Is SCO performing a FUD-puppet function for Microsoft?

Billions in damages – really?
Sorry coragryph. Your answer is bogus, give me a break. The code for SCO Unix is proprietary, and unless you’ve signed a nondisclosure agreement, you’ve not seen it to compare with Linux. Neither has anyone else in this world (who is free to comment).

I’m looking for informed input. Anyone?

I’ve observed that file sizes of installers/setups of programs for Linux and UNIX are generally larger than their ports for Microsoft Windows. Examples of these include Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, JRE, OpenOffice.org, etc.

One example can be seen here:-


Why is this so? Does it have something to do with the architecture of Linux/UNIX? Do smaller file sizes of Windows counterparts imply a better API or better compilers?

Why is Linux referred to as open source software?

What year was UNIX developed? and

What date of the years is new versions of Windows released?

Hello everyboby! I have a question about computer operating system,that is: Is it necessary for a scientist to master Linux OS?

I mean physicist and astronomer, I’ve heard that physicists and astronomers usually use Linux/UNIX, not Microsoft Windows. Is it true? Lots of people say that Linux/UNIX is very difficult to use, I’ve tried Ubuntu Linux and found it’s really hard to use.
Thank you!

Does anyone out there use Linux / unix and what problems do you have communicating with people using mac/PC, crossover applications like the unix equivalent of MS Word, Excel, etc.

Does it make sense to switch to Linux / Unix for a computer dunderhead like me?

open source anti virus for linux/unix systems?

anybody knows about any open-source anti-virus for linux/unix systems???

there’s one I know, I think it’s called untangled or entangled or something???
thanks everyone, I know what to do now… =)

Even the mouse pointer is a big square with unreadable suff!Bu the way! Letters are pne over another!

Do yo think linux ubuntu is the same?? I mean i want ot try linux now! Is ubuntu open source??- if not tell me a linux wich is open-source and its link please! Does linux have same commands like Solaris and is Linux an Unix -based environment system??