Is there a better version the Ubuntu?

which of these linux os is best?

I usually use Windows XP. now i swiched to Ubuntu & wanted to know is this the best linux can do or anyone of these are better?

Red Hat
Santa Fe Linux
Yellow Dog

why is Linux Mint going Debian?

Linux Mint was based off Ubuntu, which is based off Debian. Why are they going to base it off Debian when it sort of already is? Also, where can I find Linux Mint 11 with KDE? I don’t have anything against Gnome, it’s a wonderful and stable DE but my eyes simply like KDE better.

How do you get Windows on Linux?

What is the best way to run windows applications on ubuntu, without double-booting?

I’ve changed the boot order to Optical drive "first" so that it boots from the WinXP CD in the drive, that didn’t work -it simply booted into Mandriva. I also tried it with SATA "disabled", then with SATA "enabled"…either way, the laptop just kept ignoring the WinXP CD and booted into Mandriva. Can someone help out, I absolutely hate Mndriva (while I love Ubuntu and Fedora). Thanx.

Why does LBUSD use Macs in their schools?

Why not work with open-source Linux/Ubuntu or cheap and common Windows?

It is quite understandable why there is noise from the Debian purists about Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distros. but Linux Mint Debian Edition surely they are spurning their own ‘The Wonderful World Of Linux Politics’

Your thoughts ?

I have x386 machines and I wanted to know where to get either a CD (or create one) that is a live CD that will allow me to boot up from it and then let me partition my hard drive (I need to keep my Windows) install preferably redhat linux with fedora desktop. I think that’s KDE. I then can get dual boot. Canonical will give you the CD for free for its Ubuntu. I wanted to know if there is some site where I can get the redhat stuff in a similar fashion. Thanks.

Anti-virus for Linux-based Ubuntu?

I am now using a operating system called Ubuntu (version 8.10) and I want to install a anti-virus, but I don’t know which to install, there is 3 options: DEB package, TAR GZ package, and RPM package. I want to install the one that will be best on my computer.

ok all my life i have been a windows guy, all the way up from windows 95 that is… but i have recently been getting into linux with my boss who knows a lot about it but is just too confusing for me, and i dont think nodding to him helps because i know nothing about it… i recently built my first computer and am wanting to partition the hdd so i can put another os like linux or something on it… i just need help understanding the differences of each os, he has gotten me into ubuntu because that is what he uses and said is based on debian, and i am looking at fedora, which i guess is based on red hat…. please tell me the differences between them all and which is the better way to go for someone who wants to just use it to experiement with software and internet and school work… please help!

Am wanting to start using a Linux (UBUNTU) for my day trading activities…However, most charting packages are for MS. Is this possible. to do are… it to cumbersome?

I’m not meaning this as if they are bad, they are both great. It’s just that whenever I use them I get an odd feeling in my stomach. My mother told me that sometimes colors and designs make some people feel a little woozy.

I only get this feeling when I’m looking at extremely high detailed and clean looking interfaces. Now with Microsoft Windows XP I can look at it and not feel woozy since I can look closely at the task bar and see the grain of the granite. But with Ubuntu and Vista, I cannot. Why is this?

And no I’m not prone to seizures.

I read RMS’s entire bio an I don’t recall Debian ever popping up in it. I love (and need to install the most recent version of ubuntu, but hard drive is messed at present) linux; it’s my fave OS by far! Peaceful, great community, open source, good beliefs and mentality etc.

I know GNU is rms’s deal, gpl and the like. GNU’s not unix I understand GNU and linux completely; don’t understand debian.
linux is linus torvald’s kernal
I don’t understand why and how almost all gnu/linux packages are .deb?? WTF is going on ?

Is software for linux called "debian"? If so, that seems annoying ridiculous. what’s going on with that? cheers. thanks.
Can you install Debian os/gui like GNOME/GNU? IF so, why do I rarely ever see such OS?
To what does debian refer?

GNU refers to the non-kernal part of "linux"?

I am running Linux (ubuntu) on its own partition. I have the windows partition mounted and can read and copy files from it. However, it is read-only. I want to be able to modify files in it and copy files into it.

What open-source software is there for ubuntu linux that will do this? How do I install it and make it work so that the NTFS partition is editable and mounted?

I’m a student learning C and have limited knowledge of C. I will be away from internet access for extended periods and needs a way to work on program projects for school that currently interacts with Redhat Linux on the school’s Linux server. I was thinking of trying Ubuntu, but would like to get an idea of differences between the various ‘system programs’ that my programs are intended to intearct with. I think the learning experience is good to try different versions of Linux too. I would like to try ftp projects on both versions of Linux also (more for learning purposes). How differently will ftp and ‘system programs’ (like diff) behave on these two environments. How likely are simple student projects (especially ftp) to run in both environment? And, what are the key differences that I should watch out for. (I’m new to FTP.)

I am running Linux (ubuntu) on its own partition. I have the windows partition mounted and can read and copy files from it. However, it is read-only. I want to be able to modify files in it and copy files into it.

What open-source software is there for ubuntu linux that will do this? How do I install it and make it work so that the NTFS partition is editable and mounted?

I’m on a Linux compter in one of my college’s computer labs, and it’s saying it doesn’t have Flash Player. The computer is 64-bit and running Red Hat distribution. What version of Flash should I get from ? (if you can’t see the Linux options, they are):

YUM for Linux
.tar.gz for Linux
.rpm for Linux
.deb for Ubuntu 8.04+
APT for Ubuntu 9.04+
btw, I’ve had to "zip" a few tarballs for my programming class, so I know how to extract .tar.gz files. would that be the best option?

Hello, i just wanna know one thing, if i bought a microsoft Arc mouse or a microsoft Arc keyboard, would it work on a linux OS like Ubuntu or Suse or something like that ?

thanks :)

I have a new laptop which came with pre-installed windows 7. I want two linux systems redhat and ubuntu on them for educational purposes. I am new to linux systems and don’t even know a single command of it. I am only comfortable with the windows systems. But for the college syllabus, I need the two linux systems. Now can anyone please explain me how do I install both the linux systems on the laptop, so that I can use windows 7, ubuntu and redhat simultaneously on that laptop. I recently tried to install ubuntu on my desktop. I even succeeded in installing it. But after that there was no trace of windows 7. I had then to format and reinstall my windows 7. Please tell me a way so that I do not have to lose my windows 7 and install the remaining to systems.

how do you install a program on Ubuntu in a terminal. Is there any easier way then installing it with a script??? help me?????

I read about it on Linux Mint’s site

But it doesn’t have much information.
This edition is based on Debian; like the main edition is based on Ubuntu, So whats the real difference? is it faster, better, more stable and reliable than the Ubuntu based edition?

Another question: Isn’t Ubuntu based on Debian in the first place? then why have that said that its not compatible with Ubuntu?

Final question: Which main Distro is better- Ubuntu or Debian?

Open Source Android Drivers?

I just got an HTC Inspire and I wanted to compile the vanilla (unedited) version of Android from Google and put it on my phone. I already went through the process of downloading the Android 2.3 source code onto my computer (running Ubuntu).

Does the vanilla version of Android comes with open source drivers like other linux based operating systems?
I’m not asking about the drivers for Windows.

I’m wanting to know if Android comes with open source drivers for its hardware (touchscreen, etc)?

Is this a sign of a complete break from Ubuntu and if it is would it affect the popularity of Linux Mint in any way.

Your thoughts

plz help me i cant decide which one to get
YUM for linux
.tar.gz for linux
.rpm for linux
.deb for Ubuntu 8.04+
im sorry but i didnt understand any of that :)

I ask this question owing to the increasing popularity of Ubuntu.

I used to be anti-Linux, but I am now converted since Ubuntu 7.04 came on the scene.

It does everything Windows does and just as well.

And its Free !