I recently installed Linux….and by mistake both my emergency hard drive and windows boot files were deleted…i reinstalled Windows but the problem now is i dont have the system files that come with a Vaio originally… i also dont have the CD recovery set….is there anyway i can get these applications back can i download it from any site??? thanx in advance

I dont have linux yet but im seriously considering cleanin my hard drive and puttin linux on it (for the 5th time)….but i always go back to windows because i cant use my ipod with it…..and im not dual booting…..soo what application will work with the new shuffle that has voiceover????


Linux Mandriva – hard drives?

I boot Mandriva Linux from a DVD but I cannot modify the content of my hard drives…
(I dont have permissions)
What can I do? I cannot install Linux on my HD…

How to execute .net applications on linux?

Actually the softwares in our compnay (like Accounting System) are written in C# for windows plateform, now there is a plan by management to migrate from windows enviroment to linux, therefore we need to run these software on linux, now how can we migrate all our windows based softwares to linux, source code for these software is available. And also SQL Server 2000 is running at backend also suggest the alternative for database interactivity.

Thanx for your reply