Installing software on SUSE Linux?

How on earth do you install a program on SUSE Linux? I have dowloaded the program SNORT and I have no earthly idea how to install it. I am not at all familiar with Linux and when I open the folder I downloaded, I see no executable files. The filename of the file I downloaded is snort-2.6.1.tar.gz

Any answers as to how I might accomplish the installations of this would be greatly appriciated.
How then, do you compile the source code into a .rpm?

Anti-virus for Linux-based Ubuntu?

I am now using a operating system called Ubuntu (version 8.10) and I want to install a anti-virus, but I don’t know which to install, there is 3 options: DEB package, TAR GZ package, and RPM package. I want to install the one that will be best on my computer.

There is: YUM for Linux, .tar.gz for Linux, and .rpm for other Linux. Will it make a difference if I download any one of those three?

(Linux?) If so:

Whats the best one to download for internet/speed purposes on the Wii? ;

5 Options:
-Flash Player 10.1 for Linux (YUM)
-Flash Player 10.1 for Linux (.tar.gz)
-Flash Player 10.1 for Linux (.rpm)
-Flash Player 10.1 for Linux (.deb)
-APT for Ubuntu 9.04+


I’m on a Linux compter in one of my college’s computer labs, it’s 64-bit and running Red Hat distribution. From I tried both .tar.gz and .rpm.

When I unzipped the tar file I got a file called, and when I tried to open it I got an error that said "couldn’t display [path]/".

When I extracted the the .rpm, I got a folder with 2 folders inside, lib and share, and a bunch of files and folders within those. I found another file called, and it gave the same error.

Anyone know how to get it to work?

I’m on a Linux compter in one of my college’s computer labs, and it’s saying it doesn’t have Flash Player. The computer is 64-bit and running Red Hat distribution. What version of Flash should I get from ? (if you can’t see the Linux options, they are):

YUM for Linux
.tar.gz for Linux
.rpm for Linux
.deb for Ubuntu 8.04+
APT for Ubuntu 9.04+
btw, I’ve had to "zip" a few tarballs for my programming class, so I know how to extract .tar.gz files. would that be the best option?

plz help me i cant decide which one to get
YUM for linux
.tar.gz for linux
.rpm for linux
.deb for Ubuntu 8.04+
im sorry but i didnt understand any of that :)

I just installed this about a week ago; it’s version 10, Julia. And I’m a first-time Linux user.

I’ve been using AVG Free for many years on Windows and really like it; in fact, it’s still installed and running on the XP partition on this computer. Now I’d like to put it on this Mint installation. But when I access that page on the AVG Free site – – I see several choices:

And I don’t know which of these will work with my version of Mint.

Each of these files is almost 90 megabytes. I’m on a wireless connection which not only is not very fast, but also has a monthly limit. So I really would like to get the right one downloaded the first time. Which one should I choose?

Thanks in advance for your help.

(I put this question on the Mint users forum as well, so you might see it there if you’re a member. But sometimes I have better luck here, so I decided to put it in both places.)

can someone give step by step and user friendly instructions? haha. the geeks at the linux forums gave me some crappy code without any other detailed instruction.
Firefox- is the filename

I already have the the latest version of RealPlayer but it cannot play .mpeg or .avi(I haven’t tried other formats). I have the setup for VLC in tar.gz format. Is it a correct software? If it is, how to install it on Linux(please give me precise step-by-step answer as I have already tried the Readme file. I hardly understood). If you have any other player in .rpm or something, suggest me and provide me with the link to download. I am really obsessed with Linux. Guys PS HELP!!

Ubuntu Linux flash question?

I have recently installed Ubuntu Linux stable version 9.10. I am was surfing the web and found that I forgot to install Adobe Flash player. I looked on the Adobe site and found several extensions on the files for Linux. Which extension do I need to install Flash on Ubuntu?

I am also wondering if anyone could explain to me how to install it? I would be very thankful.

Note: The extensions were YUM, .tar.gz, .rpm, and .deb.
I am a novice to Linux.

Linux Help?

I don’t know which one to download.
It gives me 3 choices these are the choices
all of these are for linux but i don’t know which one i need and if you know i don’t know how to download it PLEASE HELP ME!

Hi, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 has finally been released today. My question has to do with if I need to uninstall the previous version of Adobe Flash Player before I install the new version. If I do need to uninstall it then how. My guess is through the new Janitor utility but I’m not in front of my Linux box right now so I can’t check.

Also, when I install it what method is best;
Flash Player 10.1 for Linux (YUM)
Flash Player 10.1 for Linux (.tar.gz)
Flash Player 10.1 for Linux (.rpm)
Flash Player 10.1 for Linux (.deb)
APT for Ubuntu 9.04+

how do i install java on mandriva linux?

ok answere this question how to instal tar.gz files im a noob and i dont eaven know how to get to a termanal i need to install java but i dont know how

I just installed Ubuntu Lucid Lynx onto my computer, and I’m not sure which version of Adobe Flash to install.

I have these different versions to pick from:

- YUM for Linux
- .tar.gz for Linux
- .rpm for Linux
- .deb for Ubuntu 8.04+
- APT for Ubuntu 9.04+

Which version should I download for my comp?

i just installed linux opensuse 11.1?

im on firefox and was on youtube and i wanna watch my videos but it say i need addobe flash player so i went to the site and dl the player for the linux it shows tar.gz and rpm,and yum so what do i how u install it into the computer im stuck lol

how to download flash player for ubuntu 9.04?

just installed ubuntu on my pc its version 9.4 just gone on to youtube it says i havent a flash player and need to download one im not sure what options to use for adobe as when i press download it gives me the following options
the different versions i can download are
yum for linux
.tar.gz for linux
.rpm for linux
.deb for ubuntu 8.04+

i am new in linux. i want english dictionaries for linux.
so pls give me any sites for download linux dictionaries.
i want dictionary rpm package or tar.gz.packages


i play texas holdem poker on facebook ALOT lol. BUT… its tellin me i need to upgrade my flash player to play it… i click the link and it gives me options for the upgrade.
i have an acer aspire one netbook on linux…
(operating system – linpus linux lite v1.0.21.E)
firefox is built in as my web browser so upgrade has to b for firefox.

the adobe flash player gives me the option for linux… and then gives me 4 more options to choose from…
options are:
1- YUM for linux
2- .tar.gz for linux
3- .rpm for linux
4- .deb for ubuntu 8.04+

which one do i pick… iv tried em all with no luck, am i doin sumin wrong??

someone please just help me upgrade the flash player as its REALLY annoying me!!!

i will pick the best answer for whichever one works lol
p.s some step by step instructions would be great to as i aint done this before so got no clue lol


In order for me to do something like listen to music, videos, etc it tells me that I have to download Adobe Flash Player. It gives me these choices:
YUM for linux
.tar.gz for linux
.rpm for linux
.deb for ubuntu 8.04+

I tried all of them and nothing. I did use the terminal and it tells me:
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
flashplugin-nonfree is already the newest version.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

-What am I doing wrong?! When I tried going to the sites it tells me that I have to download the A.F.Player–again.

-I also wanted to add brushes on my GIMP and it denied it. It says that "root" is the owner..I really want to add things to my GIMP. I already downloaded brushes n stuff from deviantart and when I do try pasting it wont. What can I do in order for me to add brushes? How can I get rid of the "root"–well not rid of it–I want "root" to approve it.

May someone PLEASE explain to me step by step on what to do. I would REALLY appreciate it. Thank you!! Take care!! =)

How do I install programs in Ubuntu Linux ?

Okay, I have downloaded the Adobe Acrobat Reader to my desktop and it has an extension of .rpm

What should I do now ? Also, at the time of downloading, it gave me several format options :tar.gz, yum.

What are these and what do I do now ?

Please help me out here, okay ?

Thank you so very much.

God Bless.

How do I install Flash Adobe onto Linux?

I have Ubuntu 6.06 and I’m trying to download Flash Adobe for Linux so I can watch videos. Unfortunately, I am not much of an expert with computers. When I am about to download, it gives me 3 versions of Flash to download. They are:
.tar.gz for Linux
.rpm for Linux
YUM for Linux

Also, once I download, I come to somethihow to use it, there is one folder, another folder in that, and then 2 more seperate folders. Out of those 2 folders, there is one folder in each. One says Flash plug-in, and the other one says doc.
Inside the Flash Plugin, there are 5 more new things, although they aren’t folders anymore. They are set up, READ ME, License,, and homecleanup.
I have no idea what any of the above is. If anyone could give me step by step instructions, even if it is extremely obvious, I would appreciate it.
Btw, I also only have 99% disc space. If that is a problem, I’ll start deleting as much as I can.