Hi , I am using Open SuSe Linux 10.3 .. i was using , while Gnome Desktop TaskBar Disappeared… what should i do to regain….

Idiot needs help with SuSE linux 10.1?

I had Windows XP Professional and Suse Linux 10.1 "installed”–dual boot. I followed a tutorial showing me how to uninstall Linux by means of deleting partitions. Hence, drive G was created. But then when I restarted a my computer I could boot into windows because of, as I now know, grub. So I reinstalled Linux. Well! I found another tutorial telling me to do that same thing–so now I have a drive T as well as a G–and that I could then merge those partitions. So I downloaded this program: . It was the only one I could find that had a free trial and was a .exe installer file. Right, so I was forced to restart my computer . . only I could not, due to grub. So I reinstalled Linux, and now I have more partitions than I started with. How can I merge them so I only have a drive D and C (plus the removable ones) and uninstall SUSE linux? I do not have an installer CD for XP because it came pre-installed. And I can’t remember my SuSE username and password. Can any one please explain all this to me, step by step, slowly(!) and in plain English because I’m stupid and even now I barely know what I’m talking about. I’ve looked and looked and looked for tutorials and either I can’t understand them, or they don’t fit my situation. Well, before I got to the part where I put in my username and password and such–that is, right after the installation–it booted me back to the main menu and THEN took me back to the grub boot screen. Then my computer restarted myself. Just as it shut off, I pulled out the SUSE linux dvd, then as it was starting up, I hit the system recovery key–f10–on the compaq startup screen. This has never worked, but I tried, nearly out of habit. My key pressing went ignored. The grub boot screen started up-now, here’s where mine is rather unusual (at least I think it is–it didn’t look like this the first time I installed linux–this is my third time to install it):

Suse Linux 10.1
windows 1
windows 2
Suse Linux 10.1 in safe mode.

At least, this is how I remember the menu . . My memory really is terrible. Now, normally to log onto Windows I have to use windows 2–windows 1 just takes be back to the boot screen. But I thought, might as well, and opted for windows 1. I was then taken to the Windows System Recovery console. I went throught the process . . . it kept my old programs, restored my default settings, brought back all of my OLD bookmarks (from last year) and plugins for firefox. . . . The partitions were still split up the same, but with different names. I’m scared to restart again and see what happens.

suse linux 10.1???

I want to download suse linux 10.1 i found my mirror but i dont know which option to chose,
x86 or x86-64 or ppc or Checksums or what?

How do i get Vista partition using linux?

I already have Suse Linux 10.1 and would like to install Vista. How can I do that? Are there any free partition application out there?

Installing SUSE Linux?

I am trying to install SUSE Linux 10.2 via internet installation with a single CD with the mini ISO on it. I have changed my boot order to start with the CD, I used a freeware program that knows how to burn ISOs since XP doesn’t know how as well. But every time I restart with the CD, it still boots into Windows. Someone suggested holding down Shift, though that changes nothing. Any help would be immensely appreciated.
I used a freeware burning tool called CD Burner XP, which was suggested on the SUSE Linux website.

how to install flash on suse linux 10.1?

I need to install adobe flash player on my suse linux 10.1 to play some games. I’ve already downloaded it but I don’t know how to install. Please, anyone, HELP!!!

I just upgraded to Suse Linux 10.2 & now my system is telling me to free up some memory. I”m a newbie with Suse Linux so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. It shows I have another partition of 70 GB of memory but I don’t know how to utilize it. Please help.

Swapping Suse Linux OS for another Linux OS?

Can anyone tell me if I can swap out Suse Linux 10.2 for another Linux OS? I’m not too happy with the version I have & I want to replace it. I upgraded from Suse Linux 10.1 to 10.2 but it just used up more of my memory which is running critically low. I don’t know how to use the other partition either which has 28 GB’s of memory. PLEASE ANYONE, HELP!

Windows Vista and SuSE Linux Dual Boot?

I have Windows vista installed on my laptop. I have some free space to install SuSE Linux 10,
I’ve done a dual boot configuration before but the problem is that the linux GURB boot loader become the machine default loader and when I for any reason decide to to delete the linux I’ll lose my windows , is there ant way I can install SuSE Linux without changing the boot order? I mean that the windows boot first with an option to pick the Linux like installing Vista and Xp as dual boot.


internet problem with SUSE linux?

I am trying to connect to the internet with SUSE linux (10.2) or 10.1 (cant remember!)

I have the internet working on windows but I want to fully move to SUSE now… I don’t know much about networking so step by step or something would help. I have a router connected to my computer with a ethernet cable, I am trying to connect to the router for internet and e-mail etc.

Please help me set it up! THANKS!!!
I try firefox and e-mail but straight away (as soon as I click) I get an error message, Firefox says ‘Server not found’ and the e-mail one I can’t remember, please help!

Any knowledge will be very appreciated, thanks very much and hope you can help me!

How to get Suse Linux ?

Can someone get me a place where to download it, Or send me in mailing, Also who ever works at Novell please send me a company one, I am dying to get my hands on a Suse Linux 10.0 and above!

How do I uninstall SuSE Linux 10.1?

I have SuSE Linux 10.1 installed along with Windows. Now I want to uninstall it. So can anyone tell me how i can uninstall it? I tried using the partitioner to delete all the partitions but the linux partition just like it is explained in the manual at http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:How_to_Uninstall_Linux but its not working. I am getting an error message when I press the "Apply" button in the partitioner. So any other way to uninstall it? I cant use the Linux CD cause my CD Drive is not working. :(
Didn’t I mention that my CD-Drive is not working?

I just installed SUSE Linux 10.1 and have been unable to figure out how to install 3rd party software such as Yahoo Messenger or Google Earth.

How to Install SUSE Linux 10.0 on my PC?

I have a pc running Windows Xp Professional ! I want to install SUSE Linux 10.0 witout affecting my windows environment ! What should I do ! I want to know complete procedure to install Linux including hard Disc Partitioning!

I’m new to the Linux world, and chose to go with the SUSE Linux distribution. I recently upgraded from SUSE Linux 10.0 to version 10.2. While I can see my Linksys router, I don’t seem to be able to connect to the Internet.
On a Windows XP PC, a person would have to "obtain an IP address automatically". I think that it should be the same on my SUSE Linux OS, but do not know how to enable that feature.

Is it possible to install suse Linux 10.1 while i have windows and keep both operating systems on my PC? or the Linux will delete windows?
Is there an installation options in Linux 10.1 to keep both?