disk cleaners for linux suse?

I’m testing Linux Suse in VM and I’m not familiar with the OS. I’d like some direction on a good utility similar to Ccleaner for windows to help keep temp files and crud down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also wondering about anti-virus programs and antimaleware programs for suse.

Suse linux, att.net problems?

Ok im duel booting with windows and Suse Linux 10.3 , and i got my internet to work fine on windows but, heres my problem on Linux.

Ok i have Att.net for my internet, ( hopefully switching soon ) and i connect like this. First i connect to my wireless router, ( with a wep encryption) then att.net ( PPPOE ). But on linux, i have NO clue how to get this to work. P.S At@t SUCKS!!! so they dont have any linux support,

Suse linux? Any problems?

Im testing linux suse in virtual box. Im normaly a die hard windows user and am more than halfway through a networking program centered arround microsoft. Im a brand new user in a linux environment however and id like to know what to expect when installing drivers. Im also having a hard time (a very hard time) connecting to my home network which is windows based. I need some pointers. Please give me some pointers. Spanks

Hello, i just wanna know one thing, if i bought a microsoft Arc mouse or a microsoft Arc keyboard, would it work on a linux OS like Ubuntu or Suse or something like that ?

thanks :)

I need help setting up a Secure FTP Server on Linux SUSE 11. Does anyone have a walkthrough or anything that could help me through the process? I want to make sure I get it right. Thanks!

Which linux should i use?

I am somewhat new to computers, but i know all the ins and out of computers. I was wondering which linux to use just for normal everyday computing like on a windows OS. I just want to explore it. I’ve heard of mandrake, ubuntu, suse, and many others. Which one should i use? And where csn i get directions on how to install it. is it easy?
What is a partition and is it required?
What is a partition and is it required?

Can you use Microsoft Word with Linux Suse?

Or can you use some sort of text pad that is on Suse that also works on Word?

how can i delet a partition made by suse linux?

i want to change my OS from SUSE to WINDOWS XP but i can not delet the partion SUSE made help pls

there is fedora 10 , suse and mandrake 2008 xtreme 2 avaible, i want to know, which one of them is the latest??

So I’m guessing that VMWare Player is the best free software available to accomplish this but I can’t seem to install VMWare properly on my SUSe, pls help…plus should I be dowloading the .rpm or the .tar file from the VMWare website?

I’ve heard of GTK+, Cocoa API and others, but which API do you recommend to learn to program applications for Mac, and other Unix/Linux systems like Redhat and SuSE?

I’ve been using Windows for years. I hear very positive opinions about Linux and I would really like to try Linux at home. Which distribution of Linux do you think I should get? I saw some videos of Suse and loved it.
Also, will my Windows games and applications work on Linux?

How do I network a Suse installed machine with other computers, specifically Red hat Linux?
This is for a school project, and I can’t find any pages that tell how to network a Suse to other computers except how to use a printer.

I want to install SUSE onto my laptop, but here’s the thing: I don’t know how. I also want to update to the new version, but I don’t know if I can or if it’s free. Lastly, is Ubuntu better, because I might just go with that too (if Ubuntu I’d need directions on installing too.). Thanks!

Further explination- My windows PC is on the second floor and on a wireless connection. I have a second PC that has linux and windows on it and it doesent have a wireless card. I will eventually take of the windows on the second PC. To get internet on this PC with Suse I want to connect it by using my other PC if possible. So is there is some way to do this… well then help please. If you think you have a method that will work then I’m open to try that too.

I'm going to be installing Linux on my PC in the very near future as either a dual boot or a fresh install after I backup my important files. I have read a lot on both SUSE and Ubuntu Linux. Please help me by informing me which is best for Linux newbies. I have read volumes on both, but am having a difficult time deciding which would be the easiest for me to get into since this will be my first Linux OS.


which is best os among linux:-
1)fedora core 5