Open source vs closed source programming?

A lot of people praise Linux for the fact that it gives people access to it’s source code, and talk down on windows for not releasing it. My question is, if you have windows installed on your computer, what is preventing you from looking at it’s source code?

Installing software on SUSE Linux?

How on earth do you install a program on SUSE Linux? I have dowloaded the program SNORT and I have no earthly idea how to install it. I am not at all familiar with Linux and when I open the folder I downloaded, I see no executable files. The filename of the file I downloaded is snort-2.6.1.tar.gz

Any answers as to how I might accomplish the installations of this would be greatly appriciated.
How then, do you compile the source code into a .rpm?

linux help?

Why would you build a package from its source code when a (binary) rpm file is available?

Linux is a free open-source OS in which the user has access to the source code which the program is written, but how do I modify it? What do I need?
Other people is creating their own OS, why can’t I?

Open Source Android Drivers?

I just got an HTC Inspire and I wanted to compile the vanilla (unedited) version of Android from Google and put it on my phone. I already went through the process of downloading the Android 2.3 source code onto my computer (running Ubuntu).

Does the vanilla version of Android comes with open source drivers like other linux based operating systems?
I’m not asking about the drivers for Windows.

I’m wanting to know if Android comes with open source drivers for its hardware (touchscreen, etc)?

Open source software and Linux?

How do you actually view the source code of open source software and edit it? I’ve downloaded open source software with the hopes of viewing the source code but I can’t seem to figure out how. And is it possible to do this using windows?
Also, can you view and edit the source code of the actual Linux operating system once installed on your computer? And if yes, how?

Thanks for any help

The reasons that Linux is better than Microsoft Windows are

No virus because

1. It’s not as widely used as windows (if you want to infect people’s computers with virus, you would target windows because it’s the major OS)
2. Linux is strict. Virus can’t do damage on your machine because it needs root privilege to rampage. Most of the time you don’t log in as root.

Much more stable because it’s open-source (everyone can take a look at the source code, therefore perfected it) Quote

What do you mean by root privilege or need root privilege ? Also why windows not a open-source ?

I am a novice in java application developement. I just want to know that whether I can run the GUI application made on NetBeans-IDE(Windows) in Linux by some how compiling and executing the source code. I’m having Fedora 12 with all the utilities like javac and java installed on it. If any other utility is required then also let me know. Thanks in advance

What is Open Source…?

This answer was given two years ago.

Open Source Software means. The source code will be available for the end-user to modify
according to his/her requirements.

The Best known open-source is Linux. The source code is freely available on net. You can
modify it after downloading.

Its not only linux but u can find many open source i will provide u the list….

List of open source software packages……

However, the answer leads to further questions.

Since you provide the source to your customers does this imply that you are unable to create and
.exe executable module? Or do you provide both an executable module AND the source?

Does the customer run the program interpretively, or do they then compile it with their own

I’m looking to track clicks, referred sites, keywords and conversions for multiple domains that I own with some open source web analytics software. Open source is a must with downloadable source code that runs on LINUX.

Does anyone know of any Open Source Web Analytics Software with good graphical interface that displays charts and graphs?

Looking for website feedback and viewers. I feel that open code makes a more secure program. Internet Exploder got Firefox, Windows got Ubuntu Linux and both open counterparts beat their closed, buggy, security holed, softwares.

Here’s my question, Do you think we deserve a DAILY VOTE for N America’s 360,000,000+ people alongside our 5 YEAR vote???? (of least worst guy)

What problems would every day voters cause?
Security problems? How would YOU secure an online, open voting system for 7 billion humans on Earth? Server OS? Open/closed source code? Hackproof?
Should 90% in favour or displeased be enough to have citizen reforendums FORCING votes on popular opinions? 90% against sueing music fans? 90% against wasting money on wall street bail outs BEFORE it’s spent?

Open by design, linux manages MANY users opinions on writing new code, only in THIS case the code would be our laws and I feel ALL Americans/Canadians/Earth people DESERVE to vote every day under their "elected" "leaders". is my 15 dollar contribution in tribute to Linux! Anyone know any coders that can build this?

Even if just (to start) for stats, iVote app (free) and a website would freaking ROCK, no? I often thought 3rd party do gooders would spear head this b/c it’s not "profitable" to give up THAT MUCH power to every day citizens, ignorant about the world and all having problems to drown out the society. I say organize their thoughts and collect their votes!
Thanks for the posts, as for Andy H, well, that’s kinda the point. I don’t care if the elite and rich lose SOME power and wealth. That’s the friggan POINT. The ignorant kind who’d vote OUT basic health care for all. lmao.

"This President will NEVER allow electronic voting unless ACORN controls it the way they have gamed the paper ballot process in 2006 and 2008."…….pffffft. I’m not interested in "leadder" opinions, just regular people’s.

3rrd party will build this and won’t NEED permission for simple stats collecting (to prevent tampering). I agree official channels will NEVER want this. ;) (so it’s worthwhile…lmao, just like p2p file sharing)

Well if injected UNDER our official politician’s regular votes (that count, public can be just stats for a few introductory years to get it right)

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…

Linux Debian source code?

Dose anyone know where to find the source code for linux debian? Not the software to install it, but the actuall line by line of code? If not Debian and other flavors of linux? thanks

If they are using Linux, are they breaking the GNU license by not putting their product source code out there for people to tinker with? Microsoft may be trying to muscle in on the Linux OS so that they can take it over for themselves.

how to compile source code to a package for linux?

i have fedora 10 if that helps
ive followed instructions
extracted file.tar.gz
up to ./configure
no such command as make
and tried to follow instructions
and it said that I need a file to compile it
went to website and it was in source code

is there an easier way that has a "GUI" program
to compile source code to .rpm or .deb packages
or a website to do this please dont tell me to use the Terminal
or Konsol
sorry the program is terminal

How can i Decrypt the source code of Linux?

If Linux is open source any one can know where the password are stored and if they are encrypted any one can decrypt it using source code. I am only familiar with . its an open source project and works well for our company.
Thanks in advance.

There are three basic brands of computer operating systems software available today. Which do you believe is the best from the standpoint of safety, security, and privacy?

Both Microsoft and Apple are US based companies which are for-profit enterprises with secret source code.

Linux, by contrast, is not-for-profit and you can get the source-code. It seems to me that Linux is the way of the future.

Here’s my motto:

Linux is the Bestux.

What do you think?

WIthout having to learn source code to download? Do any Distributions have browser, audio, video player and built in flash players?

How to execute .net applications on linux?

Actually the softwares in our compnay (like Accounting System) are written in C# for windows plateform, now there is a plan by management to migrate from windows enviroment to linux, therefore we need to run these software on linux, now how can we migrate all our windows based softwares to linux, source code for these software is available. And also SQL Server 2000 is running at backend also suggest the alternative for database interactivity.

Thanx for your reply

Also, is learning source code (to download software applications difficult?

How can we decrypt open source(Linux)?

If Linux is open source any one can know where the password are stored and if they are encrypted any one can decrypt it using source code. I am only familiar with . its an open source project and works well for our company.