What are the operational differences between Linux and UNIX? Why would a programmer choose one over the other? What about software selection and ease of programming (with already basic knowledge of programming, and wanting to dive in to open source)?

In terms of Linux, what makes things like Red Hat cost money and things like Ubuntu not? Is pay-for OS based on Linux better quality than freely distributed OS? What is the best choice for Linux-or-Unix OS for a budding programmer?

Would this be a good linux distro?

My Linux Distro will be based on openSUSE 11.3 and use GNOME 2.30 because it is more user friendly than KDE. It will also include an awesome theme. I know what needs fixing such as usability, stability. I also need some ideas for my software selection. They must be available in an .rpm format.

It is developed by Dillsoft (Who I own). It’s name is Dillsoft Ice One.

It is for general users (Like ubuntu, windows is).