I can’t remember the name of the thing, someone showed it to me, it made the screens of mandriva like Jello when you drag them, can someone help me out, I need the name of that?

Thanks in advance.

I installed Mandriva on my other laptop (for non-dual boot). I was switching from openSUSE. I got to the whole restart phase but when my computer restarted, the graphics started looking very jagged and faded and eventually, before getting to any significant screen, my screen turns into a faded light blue-green screen with nothing on it. My computer stays like that. My first instinct (i’m a linux newbie) was to panic and force the computer to be turned off by holding the on/off button. Once I tried to turn it on again, not even the BIOS screen appears. THe screens starts out all black then turns into the light-blue green screen. At no point do I see any sort of text. Pressing any key buttons (such as Delete, f8, etc) that BIOSes recognize the computer just makes beeping sounds but still nothing on the screen. I don’t know what to do. Please help!!!

The laptop is an HP Pentium 4, 3 ghz, 1GB of RAM, Ati video card *I forget the model*.

I edited both to configure compiz, but I made a mistake…Now it says "no screens found" and that it’s "unable to connect to the X server" and goes to the kernel. I know what I did wrong, so how do I get to xorg.conf and Startup Programs from there to fix it? I’m using Debian Lenny…I have a Linux Mint Live CD if there’s any way to get to them from that.

My instructor has an program that lets you turn six screens into a 3D cube? anyone know the name of this application/ utility and ware i could get it?