Hello everyone !

I want to know about server hosting service providers in English.

Because I want to open my blog sites with WordPress.

Requires that the following conditions are met.

1. A very low fee.
2. Common Linux OS such as CentOS. (Not Windows server)
3. User can set wordpress freely.
4. Fully functional condition without errors about using WordPress. (very important point !)
5. Perl, PHP and other things without restrictions.
5. The trial period for free
6. Visa card available
7. Provides better support for using e-mail

I am a Japanese living in Japan, so very poor English :-(

Please reply in simple English, if possible with URL.

Thank you ;-)

How to execute .net applications on linux?

Actually the softwares in our compnay (like Accounting System) are written in C# for windows plateform, now there is a plan by management to migrate from windows enviroment to linux, therefore we need to run these software on linux, now how can we migrate all our windows based softwares to linux, source code for these software is available. And also SQL Server 2000 is running at backend also suggest the alternative for database interactivity.

Thanx for your reply

WordPress integration questions?

I contacted my webhost to find out on whether i can run WordPress?

I’m an absolute beginner. I want to be able to keep my site fresh and up to date with articles and images. And i’m assuming wordpress can get the job done. The thing is my site was developed using xhtml and css. How can i integrate WordPress for this site.

This is what i sent to my webhost (got this from the wordpress.org website).

I’m interested in running the open-source WordPress blogging software and I was wondering if my (www.energyworkforce.net) supported the following:

* PHP 4.3 or greater
* MySQL 4.0 or greater
* The mod_rewrite Apache module

And this is the reply i got from my webhost…

hosted under Windows Platform. It support PHP, MySQL but do not support for mod_rewrite Apache module. You might need to transfer to linux Platform.

Now what do i do? What is this mod_rewrite Apache module. What does it do? And whawwt is my next plan? Do i move to a Linux Platform as advised or can i still use WordPress with the Windows platform.

I know i’ve asked alot. Thanking you all in advanced.