how do I change from rpm to ppc on linux?

YDL on PS3, gnome desktop
I am running Yellow Dog Linux on a PlayStation 3, the repositories are ppc files and I wan to run an rpm file and does not work, so there are ppc files

I’ve been trying to burn PlayStation images, but every application in Linux only seems to write at 10x speed or more, but the PS only recognizes CD’s burned at 2x. Is there any software which allows us Linux users to burn images at 2x?

not a single media player i try to install on my linux works.
i need an rpm package mp3 player.
i am running Yellow dog linux 5.0.1 w/ wi-fi
i am running on a PlayStation 3
if i can get real player to works u would be THE BEST PERSON in the WORLD. (it installs, but it just won’t run)