I’m planning to use three 10,000 rpm Western Digital Rapters in RAID 5 for my dream PC that I’m getting ready to build. I want the quickest possible boot and load times from my hard drives but I also want some protection against data loss (bad experience with RAID 0). I also want to have tri-boot system (Linux, XP and eventually Vista) and am concerned that three partitions would reduce or eliminate the performance gains from my RAID array. Is this true? Any suggestions and advice would be much appreciated. (Storage and back up is provided by a 2Terabyte NAS so I don’t need a huge amount of local strorage)

How to dual boot XP/Mandrake?

I recently reinstalled windows on my computer splitting it into 2 partitions, shortly before installing mandriva/mandrake on the second half of the disk. Everything was going smoothly, but this is my first time installing linux, and something must have gone wrong. I think I must have forgotten to install grub or something, because there’s no option to boot into windows XP. This is my 3rd time reformatting, and my 5th time reinstalling, so please don’t ask me to start from scratch. =_=

This is the most frustrating thing in the world. Could someone please tell me how to install and set up grub/lilo?

Thanks in advance.

I wanted to be able to dual boot between Windows 7 and Debian because I wanted to be able to boot only into OpenITG. I used Debian because it was what was used in ITG Dedicabs and used less RAM, meaning a better performance. I followed a guide on Boxxors.com showing this is possible. I used a partition manager to set aside 20GB for Debian and used THAT partition. However, when it was done installing I was not able to see windows 7 in the GRUB loader. I know that it is still there because I go to "Computer" in Debain and see the partition I used for Windows 7. How can I add windows 7 to the boot list or at the very least boot into windows 7 using some kind of command on the command line? I dont want to have to reinstall windows 7.
I am using Debian 5 which has GRUB version 0.97. Would I still be able to reconfigure it (im assuming yes)? btw i tried using the command prompt with my windows 7 disk and using that command. it seemed to only affect the partitions that didnt have windows 7 in it (which is listed as volume 2 by the linux installer).

i want to install redhat linux …but as linux some different file system then windows ..how will i go about.i have 4 partitions on the hard disk..i can use one..pls advice how can i delete this partition and install linux there

Will you be able to boot from it? Can normal PC files be installed on the same partition (mp3s, jpegs, word docs, etc..) or would I have to have 2 partitions on it?

I m working with win xp sp2 os with 4 partitions of 320GB HDD and i want to install linux in the same system. is it work ?

How do I uninstall SuSE Linux 10.1?

I have SuSE Linux 10.1 installed along with Windows. Now I want to uninstall it. So can anyone tell me how i can uninstall it? I tried using the partitioner to delete all the partitions but the linux partition just like it is explained in the manual at http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:How_to_Uninstall_Linux but its not working. I am getting an error message when I press the "Apply" button in the partitioner. So any other way to uninstall it? I cant use the Linux CD cause my CD Drive is not working. :(
Didn’t I mention that my CD-Drive is not working?

I just got a WDElements 500GB external hard drive. I’ve already partitioned it the way I want it with a 100GB partition intended for Linux in the front, followed by a 100GB "overflow" partition and a ~300GB Windows partition. Windows recognizes all of them as it should. (They’re all NTFS for now.)

When I try to install Linux, it won’t recognize my USB HD. It recognized my internal IDE HD and its partitions accurately, although it labeled the two partitions as HDA1 and HDA3. (I don’t know what happened to HDA2.)

Anyway, how can I get Linux Mandrake 7.0 to recognize the external hard drive?

I know one exists but that simple anti-virus software is built into most Debian-based systems but where would I be able to find a virus that will work on Debian etch 4.0? Probably pre-compiled or in a deb package for easy installation/use. The reason I want to do this is not to send a virus to a friend. It is so that I can test the security on a recent Linux project, codename: whiite. This is a distribution of Linux for the wii. It runs from the SD card on a secondary ext3 file-system that’s triggered from a boot.elf homebrew file on the primary fat partition. Both the partitions are on a special SD card that has been made for this purpose. It can run deb and other packages including pre-compiled applications. as long as they just use the terminal because a GUI such as KDE hasn’t been added yet although they’re currently working on X implementation. Also, what would be the after-effects of such a virus? I was just wondering even though I’m still going to try it myself anyways. I know it’s dangerous but whiite doesn’t actually effect the wii’s NAND memory because it’s run directly from the SD card. Yes it is based on wii code (it has to be in order for it to run on the wii), but it won’t do any permanent damage, at least I hope not.
Please don’t delete answers to my question. I asked it once before and it had two answers but when I went to see what they were, someone had reported/deleted/removed them.
I will not use this Debian virus for destructive purposes that could affect someone or the property of anyone other than myself.

I tried simply formatting the partitions holding Mandriva, but the boot screen when I restart my PC didn’t go away and then it didn’t boot at all. So I reinstalled Mandriva and everything’s back to normal. But I want to free the space used by Linux.
So how do I properly unistall it, including the Operating System Selection Screen. I believe its called bootloader. How do I get rid of it?

how to make a 3rd partition to be visible by both Linux and windows operating systems???
i have a hard disc of 80 gb on my laptop i made 3 partitions i created the first for my windows XP second for my Linux mandriva and third for my movies and music etc…

i want to make the third partition visible on both operating systems
in terminal on Linux its already visible, when i enter " ls /mount/f " it shows all the files that i was using on my windows, with help of a friend but he doesn’t know how to make visible on the "computer" part in Linux.
i reformatted the third partition from NTFS to FAT32 as i have read in multiple forums but now how do i activate it ?
the partition where windows is installed is C: or sda1, Linux is installed on the D: or sda5 and the partition that i want both operating systems to use is on E: or sda6

if anyone can give me any advise i would be very grateful !
yours Amir

I want to do a net install for Debian Linux 5.0. However, I don't want to damage, corrupt, etc. my current Windows Vista installation. I'm assuming I'm going to have them on 2 different partitions, though I have no idea on how to install.

I would like to install either linux or mandrake linux and windows xp on the same HDD. I would prefer mandrake linux considering I dont need a partitioning software to do this. But which OS do I need to install first?
ok so if I install xp first will linux still allow it to partition the drive so that I have 2 partitions instead of 1? Right now I have 1 with xp. was hoping so not have to use partition magic or anything. I read that linux will actually do this for you when installing (mandrake version only i think). my other question is what is the difference between mandrake and the original linux OS? if any at all. I want to use linux for the free software and security but want to keep windows to still be able to play my games, and use my camera and ipod. not sure if mandrake and linux are the same thing or not I just heard about it today.
I havent installed either yet because im going to do this on my old computer first. I have also used linux be4 I just have never put 2 OS's on 1 HDD