Is it affect the network settings when I put Redhat in D partition.

I have a 80gb hd with win xp on it and i tried installing suse linux the i cancled…it shrunk my windows partition to 33gb and made its own partion… but it only shows 33g hd in windows now…how do i gt it back wihout reinstalling windows i need 80gb back…it list other volumes on drive in device manager but they are uneccelsible, only 33gb with windows is accesible… it is one hd

I have x386 machines and I wanted to know where to get either a CD (or create one) that is a live CD that will allow me to boot up from it and then let me partition my hard drive (I need to keep my Windows) install preferably redhat linux with fedora desktop. I think that’s KDE. I then can get dual boot. Canonical will give you the CD for free for its Ubuntu. I wanted to know if there is some site where I can get the redhat stuff in a similar fashion. Thanks.

1. Which is the best version of Linux & why? (links appreciated)?

2. I only have one PC so I would want to try it installed to a separate partition, alongside windows XP using multiple boot options – I assume this would work?

3. The main reason I want to dump microsoft (& kick bill gates in the nads) is that every time I get a faster processor or more memory, billy gates’s bloatware slows it right back down again (most things seemed to happen faster when I was using a 386SX). IN GENERAL [app dependent], would linux be an improvement in this area?

4. When I remove windows completely, will I still be able to communicate with MSN messenger buddies?

5. How would you describe the learning curve for someone who’s used to windows?

6. In your opinion, Is Linux likely to increase it’s share of the domestic market, and therefore pursuade more software developers to port their products to Linux?
ADDENDUM: I’d also like to know how system stability compares to windows, ditto for overall security – I think my current AV (AVG) is available for Linux but I haven’t checked to be sure.

ok all my life i have been a windows guy, all the way up from windows 95 that is… but i have recently been getting into linux with my boss who knows a lot about it but is just too confusing for me, and i dont think nodding to him helps because i know nothing about it… i recently built my first computer and am wanting to partition the hdd so i can put another os like linux or something on it… i just need help understanding the differences of each os, he has gotten me into ubuntu because that is what he uses and said is based on debian, and i am looking at fedora, which i guess is based on red hat…. please tell me the differences between them all and which is the better way to go for someone who wants to just use it to experiement with software and internet and school work… please help!

i am having a virus on my windows XP, it is called SCCVIHOST.exe, i am not able to delete it by any means, i even formatted the C partition but with no succes also

so i installed LINUX Mandrake 9 on the same PC having the virus so that i can delete the virus from linux by logging into the other paritions dealing with windows:

i was able to install linux and log into the windows partition, but i am not able to delete the files of this virus, the system tells me, that these are read only file system, how can i solve this? if it helps, i got this error when trying to delete the file from the WINDOWS folder !

another question which may sound stupid, i am not able to log into into folders with (spaces) in their names, for example, if i have a folder named (new folder), i write (cd new folder/) but it does not work! linux cannot find the specified folder !!

PLZ any help will be great, i dont want to format the whole Hard disk, thx a lot

Suse Linux Fat pf NTFS?

Should I use FAT file system or NTFS for Suse Linux? Will the installer partition my hard drive for me or do I need to?

using Windows 7 with raid-0 and whenever i attempt to place my redhat fedora dsic in and try to install it from within the os it cant find my partition.. so how do i dual boot both without losing my data and no formating.

this error
(hdlists not found come when i make the partition of the hard disk
and after i customize the File System
linux swap
so please
what it is the mean of this error
and how can i solve it

thank you for your time

Which linux should i use?

I am somewhat new to computers, but i know all the ins and out of computers. I was wondering which linux to use just for normal everyday computing like on a windows OS. I just want to explore it. I’ve heard of mandrake, ubuntu, suse, and many others. Which one should i use? And where csn i get directions on how to install it. is it easy?
What is a partition and is it required?
What is a partition and is it required?

I have a 80gb hd with win xp on it and i tried installing suse linux the i cancled…it shrunk my windows partition to 33gb and made its own partion… but it only shows 33g hd in windows now…how do i gt it back wihout reinstalling windows i need 80gb back…it list other volumes on drive in device manager but they are uneccelsible, only 33gb with windows is accesible… it is one hd

Help with linux (debian)?

I recently installed virtual box on my debian partition and after if was finished, the terminal recommeneded that i remove some "unnecessary" software by use of sudo apt-get autoremove. I did that and it uninstalled a huge list of stuff. Some of my icons changed on my desktop and the system, administration and applications dropdown menus at the top of my screen had different icons and were missing heaps of applications. I then restarted the system thinking that this would help and it booted back into a shell prompt asking me to login. I tried to get back to the GUI using alt+f7 but it didnt seem to exist. Is there any way to fix this? What happened? Any help would be appreciated.

I just installed this about a week ago; it’s version 10, Julia. And I’m a first-time Linux user.

I’ve been using AVG Free for many years on Windows and really like it; in fact, it’s still installed and running on the XP partition on this computer. Now I’d like to put it on this Mint installation. But when I access that page on the AVG Free site – – I see several choices:

And I don’t know which of these will work with my version of Mint.

Each of these files is almost 90 megabytes. I’m on a wireless connection which not only is not very fast, but also has a monthly limit. So I really would like to get the right one downloaded the first time. Which one should I choose?

Thanks in advance for your help.

(I put this question on the Mint users forum as well, so you might see it there if you’re a member. But sometimes I have better luck here, so I decided to put it in both places.)

can one install Linux o s on the pc( which already has Windows2000/xp )on another partition of the hard disc (already created in it ) and work on either system at will ? If yes , what will be required ?And can one get the Linux free of cost ?

I just upgraded to Suse Linux 10.2 & now my system is telling me to free up some memory. I”m a newbie with Suse Linux so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. It shows I have another partition of 70 GB of memory but I don’t know how to utilize it. Please help.

Had this couple of years ago but I forgot what it is.
No, already got vmware. Then Debian and Suse on partition. I remember its like going to start menu, programs then clicking this to launch linux. been browsing but no luck so far.

i want to install redhat linux …but as linux some different file system then windows will i go about.i have 4 partitions on the hard disk..i can use one..pls advice how can i delete this partition and install linux there

Swapping Suse Linux OS for another Linux OS?

Can anyone tell me if I can swap out Suse Linux 10.2 for another Linux OS? I’m not too happy with the version I have & I want to replace it. I upgraded from Suse Linux 10.1 to 10.2 but it just used up more of my memory which is running critically low. I don’t know how to use the other partition either which has 28 GB’s of memory. PLEASE ANYONE, HELP!

Will you be able to boot from it? Can normal PC files be installed on the same partition (mp3s, jpegs, word docs, etc..) or would I have to have 2 partitions on it?

Right now i am using windows xp, installed on my c drive,total hdd size is 40 gb, other partitions available are D,E and F. Now i want to install suse linux on some other partition say D so that it wont disturb any windows settings how can i do that.
Thanks a lot in advance


I’m thinking of partitioning my hard-drive so I can switch between Linux and my current OS, Vista, but I fear I may lose data from my Documents folder. and if my older brother finds out I completely switched to Linux or trashed Vista he’s gonna kill me!

So, can I lose any vital data when I partition my hard-drive?

I am programming applications, writing documents, making graphical projects and allot more. I have allot of data that i feel insecure to leave on Windows XP.
I want to create a very secure Linux and to find a way to encrypt my data.
I am still going to use my windows xp but i will make a 3rd partition for the use of Linux.

So, can you help me with this ?

Installing Windows XP on top of a Linux OS?

How do I install Windows XP on a machine already running on Linux OS? I want to have both installed and be able to select which one to run when the computer boots. Is it possible to perform a partial partition so I can install XP?

I need a free partitioning software to partition a part of my hard drive in FAT32 while the other part is NTFS. Any ideas? How do I switch between two different operating systems?

Is there free program that allows you to run linux as a regular Windows application just as you run MS Word or Safari orAcrobat Reader as windows applications? I tried Wubi but what it forced me to do was partition part of my hard drive. I now have dual boot.

I’m looking for just as an app. Also needs the linux app needs to make use of my wireless connection. Help!