I’ve changed the boot order to Optical drive "first" so that it boots from the WinXP CD in the drive, that didn’t work -it simply booted into Mandriva. I also tried it with SATA "disabled", then with SATA "enabled"…either way, the laptop just kept ignoring the WinXP CD and booted into Mandriva. Can someone help out, I absolutely hate Mndriva (while I love Ubuntu and Fedora). Thanx.

ok i have new custom computer that i build. it does not have optical drive so i can’t put in a bootable DVD and make it work like usual. so i made a bootable usb and that did not work. then i made a bootable usb for linux operating system and it worked. i am actually writing this question via linux OS. so how can install window 7 when i have linux open without the usage of an optical drive