Which of the following operating systems is open-source software?
A) Macintosh Operating System
B) Unix
C) Windows Operating System
D) Linux

Someone explain open source to me please.?

What is the motivation for people to write open source software? Who pays the developers that wrote linux? I understand why people write small open source programs, but who would spend all that time to get nothing in return???
I know what open source is, I’m in college to be a programmer……I guess what I wanna know is, do the developers of linux get paid??? If so who pays them???? How was Linux financed???

I am starting a website for people that think really far outside the box and want to share their intuition with the world in hopes of changing peoples lives. I am looking for open-source software to install in my Linux/mysql server. I am looking for one that has a blog, forum, member log in, RSS feeds, and also a place where you can put up videos. I have heard of many out there but i am having a hard time narrowing it down. I would live your guys opinions. Any ideas?

I’d really like some free/open source software, on Linux, for Flash design/development. As up to date as possible. Any suggestions welcome, especially with review.

Poll: Open source in the public schools?

Russia mandates that Open Source software (free software, for example: Open Office, and certain versions of Linux) be used in public schools. If the school does not want to use open source, then the school can use its own funds.
Would you be in favor of such a policy? Do you support or contribute the Open Source movement?


I am running Linux (ubuntu) on its own partition. I have the windows partition mounted and can read and copy files from it. However, it is read-only. I want to be able to modify files in it and copy files into it.

What open-source software is there for ubuntu linux that will do this? How do I install it and make it work so that the NTFS partition is editable and mounted?

I am running Linux (ubuntu) on its own partition. I have the windows partition mounted and can read and copy files from it. However, it is read-only. I want to be able to modify files in it and copy files into it.

What open-source software is there for ubuntu linux that will do this? How do I install it and make it work so that the NTFS partition is editable and mounted?

asterisk an open source software to implement in linux

what is the number of developers for Linux?

hi, how many people is involved in developing linux, ubuntu, open source software?, been looking but i want to know how many developers are doing this great things


I’m hoping to set up a project for developing an MS Windows open-source program. Is there an organization for Microsoft Windows open-source software development which is similar to the GNU/Linux organization?

Open source software and Linux?

How do you actually view the source code of open source software and edit it? I’ve downloaded open source software with the hopes of viewing the source code but I can’t seem to figure out how. And is it possible to do this using windows?
Also, can you view and edit the source code of the actual Linux operating system once installed on your computer? And if yes, how?

Thanks for any help

They say they want to cut spending. Very well, here’s a suggestion.

Stop using tax-payer money to subsidize Microsoft’s dominance. Switch all Government offices over to Linux and Free Open Source Software. That alone would halve the what the Government spends on IT and the very least.

So, shouldn’t the GOP support switching over to Linux and Open Source Software?

I’m looking for an open-source software library or plugin that provides an interface similar to Visio, Umbrello, Dia, Inkscape, Xilinx ISE, etc. which allows the creation of objects and connections by users, which can then be analyzed by the caller program. Ideally this would be a cross-platform library, but it needs to work on Linux.

If Microsoft had made windows open source?

If Microsoft had made windows open source 27 yrs ago how advanced do you think it would be today?

Knowledge is a wonderful thing
Given that Linux Open Source Software has only been in existence for 19 yrs. the advancement in advanced technology it has made over this passed 5 yrs for the home user is unbelievable, There are professional people world wide developing professional free operating systems and software for the home users, for education, from 3yr olds to university,

Computing for the blind or visually impaired computer users:
Do you know any blind or visually impaired computer users: if so then check out this web link. Better still inform the Blind Society in your area about this free software for the blind or visually impaired


Open Source in Education :- Preschool, Primary, Secondary Tertiary ( university level )
Inform your education departments this can save the tax payers millions of Pounds/Dollars


Home and Professional video audio and animated graphics editing


Computer and Internet Security Anti-Tamper – Software Protection


These are just some of the achievements made with Free open source software for the benefit of home computer users.

The question being asked, had Microsoft windows been made Open Source Software. Would we be having this kind of excellence in security, stability and software development
Quot- Vomit
There would be fifty billion different Windows distros
Only the top 20 would succeed Like Linux top 20 distros have. Open Source Software has very high standards

Need help in Free/Open Source Software?

can anyone tell me where can i get tutorials and e-books for Free/open source software .. especially Linux..

What's the benefits of Open Source?

What’s the benefits of Open Source software like Linux, Wikipedia, Google, etc…

Where they get money from?

i want to use linux OS and other open source software in my business?

What is Open Source…?

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Open Source Software means. The source code will be available for the end-user to modify
according to his/her requirements.

The Best known open-source is Linux. The source code is freely available on net. You can
modify it after downloading.

Its not only linux but u can find many open source i will provide u the list….

List of open source software packages


However, the answer leads to further questions.

Since you provide the source to your customers does this imply that you are unable to create and
.exe executable module? Or do you provide both an executable module AND the source?

Does the customer run the program interpretively, or do they then compile it with their own

Is Open Source software Communist?

I keep hearing that Open Source software like Linux is a communist, anti-capitalist plot. Is that true?

Because wikipedia is open source, I can modify anything I want. But what happens if someone deletes, adds bad content, modifies useful content ? What does wikipedia do to prevent that ?

The last question is available for any other open source software: linux, php etc. How do they know which contribution is useful and which is harmful ?
Thank you.

Linux and open source software?

Have you been able to give microsoft the bird and use only free open source software?

I believe that open-source software, such as Java and Linux are the future of IT.

What improvements could be made to Linux to make it more competitive with Microsoft OS and Apple Mac OS X?
> Sounds like a homework question to me….

I have a degree in CS, but I want to be an IT instructor. I’ll keep this in mind for a homework question.

Hi, I am in a minority of Net users who is against open-source software On msg. boards, it seems that any criticism of Linux or OSS is "trolling" or "FUD." I just feel that OSS made it harder for smaller biz. to develop software. Also, it is very easy to compare OSS to slave labor, since while major transnational corporations like IBM pay their employees to work on open-source projects, professors and individuals think they are supporting "freedom" or "charity." While the recent redefining of copyrights and patents as a property right may be wrong, abolishing it entirely is just too extreme. Often, people will defend OSS due to this, or support the slave labor as "choice."

But what bothers me the most is that every time I do a search on "anti-open source" or "against open-source", I get "anti-OSS attitudes" or "anti-OSS lawsuits." Also, I find it strange that "open source" encyclopedias ripe with politics and errors are first in the results. Why are both search engines so biased?

As Microsoft begins its slow migration to the integration of open-source software into it’s system, amazing things have happened. Most recently, Microsoft released 20,000 lines of code as a contribution to the linux Kernel which include 3 linux-based device drivers, all in the hopes of enabling Linux/Unix distros to be virtualized into programs such as Hyper-V for cross platform integration.

What is your opinion on this? Do you like it or not, and why?

I need it to run on a Flash drive. It needs to be small because I’m hoping to use it as a portable photo gallery. It needs to be cross-platform so it can run both on Windows for my family and GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) for me. I hope that it can be Open Source software (GPL), but freeware is ok too.