Why does LBUSD use Macs in their schools?

Why not work with open-source Linux/Ubuntu or cheap and common Windows?

.. or authorize one etc? does one exist?

i heard some rumors of this a while back, but upon googling "open source windows" or "open source windows OS" , all i find is open source apps

i was told something like this existed but found it hard to believe, just based on how much he likes to go after linux users

The way government works today is so last millenium: we register to vote, we elect people to represent us, and they govern from a centralized bureaucracy. Can we improve on this, esp. given modern technology?

Specifically, can we apply the "open-source" model that’s increasingly popular now in technology (Linux, Wikipedia, etc.)? If so, what would that look like? And what are the main challenges, other than massive switching costs or disruption as we migrate/updgrade from one system to another?…

kindly suggest an open source gui software in Ubuntu platform ..

I am trying to find a open source irc daemon that I can use for windows not linux. It doesn’t even have to be open source really as long as it is "freeware".

For those who dont know, Ubuntu is a free and open source Linux OS. It does pretty much everything windows does, has comparable software, (office, graphic editing, etc), and Is just as pretty, if not more. Also lets assume that if computers came pre-loaded with Ubuntu, that modern games were made for it. (sims3, modern warfare, etc.)
Would you still pay for windows??

I read RMS’s entire bio an I don’t recall Debian ever popping up in it. I love (and need to install the most recent version of ubuntu, but hard drive is messed at present) linux; it’s my fave OS by far! Peaceful, great community, open source, good beliefs and mentality etc.

I know GNU is rms’s deal, gpl and the like. GNU’s not unix I understand GNU and linux completely; don’t understand debian.
linux is linus torvald’s kernal
I don’t understand why and how almost all gnu/linux packages are .deb?? WTF is going on ?

Is software for linux called "debian"? If so, that seems annoying ridiculous. what’s going on with that? cheers. thanks.
Can you install Debian os/gui like GNOME/GNU? IF so, why do I rarely ever see such OS?
To what does debian refer?

GNU refers to the non-kernal part of "linux"?

Thinking about switching to Linux?

Well the time has come… I use the computer fairly often… surfing the web.. listening to music… I’m not much of a gamer.. however i know there is enough gaming between open source linux compatible games and my good old xbox to keep my occupied… heres where I need some help.

The only thing I care about on my xp is my music… I have about thirty gb… also… if I’m going to switch .. I think I want to go all the way.. I like the dual boot concept.. except my hardrive space is precious.. and Im afraid I would run out if I dual boot… will I have any regrets? Xubuntu or ubuntu? I’m a new user but pretty tech savy.. thanks

How do linux developers make money?

It seems that everything linux is free and open source to everyone. So how do companies like Canonical Ltd (makers of Ubuntu) make their money to support what they are doing?

I am trying to find a open source irc daemon that I can use for windows not linux. It doesn’t even have to be open source really as long as it is "freeware".

The mass does not know what Linux/Unix is and even less know how to install it and get it up and running. Open Source is great, but Linux really needs to unite under some sort of origination. That will standerize things like driver support, Application programing, and Computer networking. Then after a more stable OS is made, they make a strong universal marketing campaign. When was the last time you saw a TV add for Linux? But Mac/Windows are on all the time! Get the word about Linux out!!!

what will become of all my media files, do i have to format my whole hard drive or just uninstall windows. linux is open source, correct? if not it is cheaper than win-XP. ive read some horror stories that without a computer science degree you have no chance of making it work. are these lies planted by microsoft? please include anything else you may feel is pertinent

because microsoft bought linux – will linux still be open source and free of charge?

Linux alternative to Macromedia?

Does anyone know some good open source Linux alternatives to the Macromedia Studio bundle (Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, ect.)?

Windows is copying Linux?

Is it just me, or does it seem like windows has borrowed quite a few features and ideas from the open source Linux?

How do Open source products earn??

I have sometimes wondered, how do companies that rely on Open source earn? Talk of Linux, Linus Torvalds who developed this, what benefited him by giving such nice OS for free? Or other software product companies that that are on open source, how are these companies making money? And if they existing in the industry to do business, while giving out products for free, what business are they doing? I m not against open source, but business is about making money. If i start a business today and rely on open source, how am I going to have my bread and butter??

As IT people say, future is open source, does that means all the big companies needs to close down their business just cuz of open source, so where is business + making money going if companies have to close down, eg MS, Apple

Ubuntu is a free and open source Linux distribution. It has been awarded as being the most user friendly Linux distribution, and it arguably has the most functionality and beauty of all desktop Linux distros. What would be the economic and social benefits to the individual and society? Would there be any disadvantages to its adoption?

I want to create a custom linux iso with a few of my personally developed applications and distribute it online. I know Linux is open source, but does this mean I can legally sell the ISO? Are some distros better suited for this than others?

I’m wondering whether there is a way to encrypt my entire drive so that nothing on the drive can be accessed without an encryption key upon booting? I’m looking for something that’s open source and runs under Linux. I have heard things about PGP, would that be able to do the job for me? The level of encryption has to be strong, preferably government level.

Linux, Apple, Microsoft?

Which is better and why.
Linux – open source
apple – no bugs nice looking
M.S – rubbish, always freeze

I’m currently culling my software archive to programs available cross platorm on both Windows and Linux.

For h264/XviD video encoding I currently use Handbrake but am looking for another open source option that is a little more to the Gordion Knott end of the scale but a little easier and streamlined to use.

BTW I tried Super and AutoGK but didn’t like them.

The reasons that Linux is better than Microsoft Windows are

No virus because

1. It’s not as widely used as windows (if you want to infect people’s computers with virus, you would target windows because it’s the major OS)
2. Linux is strict. Virus can’t do damage on your machine because it needs root privilege to rampage. Most of the time you don’t log in as root.

Much more stable because it’s open-source (everyone can take a look at the source code, therefore perfected it) Quote

What do you mean by root privilege or need root privilege ? Also why windows not a open-source ?

I’m looking for an open source alternative to MetaTrader (http://www.metaquotes.net/metatrader/) that can run on the Linux platform.

I was wondering, why isn’t there as many professional games for linux?

I figure that since linux is open source, overtime it would be a better platform for gaming since potential exploits, optimizations etc, could be found and the like. Not to mention its free. Why is it that Linux just doesn’t have the same capabilities gaming-wise. It seems far superior in every other respect.

Recommendations for a good Linux-based free OS?

After years of sticking up for the XP preinstalled on my old computer, I have decided to finally make the switch to good ol’ open-source Linux. What would YOU personally recommend? Ubuntu and its fork Ultimate Edition seem great in my opinion IMO
Would like to add my computer has only 256MB of memory (sad, i know)