Poll: Open source in the public schools?

Russia mandates that Open Source software (free software, for example: Open Office, and certain versions of Linux) be used in public schools. If the school does not want to use open source, then the school can use its own funds.
Would you be in favor of such a policy? Do you support or contribute the Open Source movement?


I wanna buy a new laptop but I can’t afford a Windows license at the very moment. So I was thinking of using some version of Linux, one that is easy to install and use, and as the title says, preferably similar to Windows.

My everyday applications will be word editing (preferably Microsoft Office but Open Office will also do…), network / LAN / Internet access, working with USB sticks etc.

Thank you for any reccomendation.

I’m looking for an easy linux distribution that can be permanently installed on a Dell computer with a ram of 256 mb and a free space of 10 GB.
Preferably, I would like the distribution to be easy to use and install (I’m a beginner) and to have all the necessary applications and characteristics needed for a personal home/desktop usage.
If possible, it would also be great if the distribution was in Spanish and had useful tools included with it, such as open office or firefox.

Do you know of any Linux distribution that matchs these requirements? What distribution do you think is best for me?

I want to buy an Acer emachine E725, which comes with preloaded Ubuntu Linux Operating system. My office PC has Windows XP. I want to take parts of office works to home and take back finished works to office via USB pen drive. I heard pen drives are only compatible with windows 98 and later versions. Can a word document be opened in open office and vice versa ?

OS – most distros of Linux
Office Suite – Open Office
Email Client – Thunderbird
Internet Browser – Firefox
Media Player – VLC
Graphics Processing – GIMP

All this software is legal, free AND stable. A Microsoft-free box is possible!

Linux, or even apps such as open office would cut costs tremendously.

I’m thinking of switching over to Linux, but I want to make sure that I’ll still be able to open my documents through Linux Open Office as they are now, without having to convert them to Rich Text or anything (that could take quite a while).

install microsoft software to linux system?

i want to ask
my brother use vista
i use good one ubuntu

my brother want give me some essay
my brother send as microsoft word
can i use abi word. k word and open office to open it
if cant
can i install microsoft word in linux

So I’m thinking of switching to Open Source, and I’m wondering which of the following are reccomended:
Open Source OS (if Linux, what distro?)
OS Office Suite (currently liking Open Office)
OS Antivirus
OS Image manipulation (like photoshop)


I’m an experienced user who does lots of web developing/design/stuff.

Let me know your opinion.

So I downloaded the Screenlets Application via the package manger thinking that they would be useful and such. Now they’re really annoying. Basically (no matter what I do) the widgets overlap my applications – like Firefox and Open Office. I’ve tried editing the options in Screenlets (like unchecking Keep Above and checking Keep Below) but nothing seems to work.

So, does anyone know how I can keep my Screenlet widgets going but without them overlapping my Programs? Thanks.

I currently have a Windows Vista computer. I’m thinking of getting a mini laptop with Linux OS because it is cheaper than getting on with XP or Vista. My only concern is I’m afraid I won’t be able to transfer my school work between both computers using Open Office. Does anyone know if this can be done?

Open Office Linux RPM or DEB ??

I just installed linux mint and i tried downloading open office i found 2 versions DEB and RPM which one gonna work with mint linux

Hi i got loaded a kubuntu linux system.Now i want to install some applications like MP3 player / Open office etc.Kindly guide me to learn.