Which Linux distribution should I get?

I’m fairly novice with Linux. I’ve used Ubuntu before, and I’m thinking about building a Linux box out of spare parts that I have. I was thinking about getting Debian Linux. What would you guys recommend?

I am trying to create a desktop entry for Lightscribe SimpleLabeler to add it to my Applications menu in Fedora 12. However, I can’t seem to get the "Exec=" line to work. I realize this is a novice question, but what do I put in that field, and how do I find it?
This IS a Linux version of the software. The software is NOT the issue, simply creating a desktop entry for the program IS.

Linux and C programming?

Why is it so difficult for me to install a C program language to do my programming? For example, when I tried to install Eclipse, it said my system does not have rpm. But when I tried to install rpm, the system said it is not available.

Perhaps can someone kindly tell me step by step how do I install a C programming language?

Thanks in advance.

I am only a novice.
Thanks for all the answers so far. I am currently using Ubuntu 7.04 Linux.

Linux Help? 10 points?

Im a total novice when it comes to linux…….. i cant seem to get flash player working and i have no idea what the terminal commands are. windows cmd i know, but this is all new to me.

i donwloaded the flash player rpm file onto my desktop. now what? how do i install using terminal?

and is sudo super user? i though su was super user

im running Ubuntu 9.10

also how do i install themes? and can anybody reccomend a good theme?

I am a novice in java application developement. I just want to know that whether I can run the GUI application made on NetBeans-IDE(Windows) in Linux by some how compiling and executing the source code. I’m having Fedora 12 with all the utilities like javac and java installed on it. If any other utility is required then also let me know. Thanks in advance

Ubuntu Linux flash question?

I have recently installed Ubuntu Linux stable version 9.10. I am was surfing the web and found that I forgot to install Adobe Flash player. I looked on the Adobe site and found several extensions on the files for Linux. Which extension do I need to install Flash on Ubuntu?

I am also wondering if anyone could explain to me how to install it? I would be very thankful.

Note: The extensions were YUM, .tar.gz, .rpm, and .deb.
I am a novice to Linux.

I am a novice Linux server admin (I can us SSH, vi, cron, and understand config files), but I am willing to learn. However, I do not have hundreds of hours to research and learn all the ins-and-outs of Linux. I need something fairly turnkey:

What is the best server software that will do all or most of the following:
– POP3 server
– SMTP server
– Webmail server (with good standard features, like WYSIWYG editor, attachments, etc.)
– Web-based end-user configuration tools
– Anti-virus
– Anti-spam (blacklists and whitelists & RBL support required, spam filtering logic a plus)
– Authentication data stored in a database for easy management.
– POP-before-SMTP authentication

Similarly, I need to pick the best Linux OS to run this puppy on. I would like an OS with a wizard install, and one with adequate security for a publicly accessible server.

Last of all, it would be great if all of the above would be freely available for commercial use.

Thanks for your help!