This question has been on my mind all summer long. As I prepare for class in the fall I have been searching the interw3bs for a new laptop. This reason for wanting one is I have been using a eMac running Fedora 8-12 and I love it, but I think it is time to move on to something more portable. My three biggest concerns with buying a new notebook are in this order

Functionality (Programs "just work". and Program compatibility)(GPU, CPU,ect.)
Battery Life (7 hours or better —–> would be nice if i can get that performance on GNU?Linux)
Aesthetics (Oooooooo Shiny)

I am going to college to become an engineer. I don’t know which field of engineering but I know I want to build a better future for my home town and small villages in the 3rd world. The software I use now is all open source but don’t know if I can get away with using it in a college environment where AutoDesk and Adobe are king.


Thank You in advanced.

I don’t mind Apple’s closed system when it comes to iTunes and all that I have ways around that. But, they are showing great interest in F/OSS. Even if I run Windows ( another closed system) i still have to pay for the software. Might as well go closed source with open source benefits.

I am looking at vector linux, mandrake, and possibly ubuntu.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L35 notebook with:

- Ati graphics card
-intel pentium dual core processor
- 512 mb of ram
I am currently running vista basic, has anyone install linux on a system like mine. Any problems?

See, I’m getting this notebook a week from now and I’m choosing between the one with Windows and the other one Linux. Do they have differences? What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one of the two?

im using a lenovo notebook. planning to install mandriva linux 2009 onto it.