Need hints for building a 6TB RAID5 Linux-Server!?

I’m planning to build my own server with about 6TB storage in a RAID5 array. Lately i’ve read a lot about those things to inform myself but there are some things most people don’t need but I am interested in.

Some facts first though:
- I plan to use Ubuntu-server with webmin
- Software-Raid for my 6TB storage
- Raid5 is OS-free –> Storage only
- OS is on seperate disk in "onboard" RAID 1
- Server should run some simple programs or scripts like IRC-Bot
- FreeNAS looks nice but can’t run normal programs like IRC-Bot etc (right?)

So now to my questions:
- Should i use hdds with 5400 rpm or normal ones? it’ll be 1 gbit network card only so i think 5400 is enough. And they need less power make less noise and last longer right?
- What hardware should i use? Starting with a big enough casing to processing power and power source i got no clue what a pc like that needs. Since i’d like to use software RAID I don’t want to spend money on RAID-Cards.
- Eventually i’ll run Xen on that thing. Nothing too fancy, just playing around a bit. What OS should i use? I know Ubuntu but i heard CentOS is good for servers like that.

That’s it for now!
Thanks a lot for reading and probably replying!
Also if you got another good idea i’d be glad to hear it!

Thank you so much!
i don’t exactly plan to use it as a webserver so the bottleneck is not exactly the internet upload but the internal 1 gbit network i have.

Linux is in violation of nearly 300 patents owned by Microsoft but the distributors and users of Linux haven’t paid a single cent in royalties to Microsoft. In fact, a lot of distributors of Linux offer their OS for free so the users are just as bad as software pirates who are causing Microsoft to lose money and have to charge more for people who legally buy Microsoft Windows instead of people who use Linux or a bootlegged copy of Windows. Why is it legal for Linux to do this?
Here’s a source to an older article. I can’t remember the link from PC World that indicates that Linux is in violation of at least 253 patents owned by Microsoft.

How do linux developers make money?

It seems that everything linux is free and open source to everyone. So how do companies like Canonical Ltd (makers of Ubuntu) make their money to support what they are doing?

Why does my computer always crash?

Everytime i play any kind of audio or video (more specifically with audio) my computer crashes! Its a selfmade computer with an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ CPU, 2gb of memory, and 74 gb 10,000 rpm hard drive.

The computer hasnt been running correctly ever since the power went out one day and obviously my computer shut down. When i booted it up again, it ALWAYS freezes when audio/video plays. I have updated all the drivers for both audio/video and done windows update.

I have the same problem witn windows 2000, win xp pro, win xp 64bit AND linux! Is it my motherboard or soundcard (creative audigy 2)?

One more thing to note is my motherboard has an ATI video chipset with PCI express x16 and i’m using a NVIDIA pci video card (very old school). I havnt bought a new video card (pci express ATI) due to this issue, i dont want to waste my money.

Microsoft outlook and Linux mail servers?

I was wondering if you ran a linux mail server, and had the end users connect to the mail server with outlook, would they be able to see the email ?
convince everyone to use like thunderbird ?

Yes, I know about exchange server…but don’t wanna spend a ton of money on 50 employees.

What are the operational differences between Linux and UNIX? Why would a programmer choose one over the other? What about software selection and ease of programming (with already basic knowledge of programming, and wanting to dive in to open source)?

In terms of Linux, what makes things like Red Hat cost money and things like Ubuntu not? Is pay-for OS based on Linux better quality than freely distributed OS? What is the best choice for Linux-or-Unix OS for a budding programmer?

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What’s the benefits of Open Source software like Linux, Wikipedia, Google, etc…

Where they get money from?

My wife is getting into the website creation business as an adjunct to her internet advertising sales and believes she want to run it on wordpress. Being the former IT professional I am I have considered setting up my own Linux box on my LAN to test this. While it could be internet facing through my dedicated DSL connection the purpose of this is mostly for learning. It would be hosted outside for live clients. Other than a bunch of headaches, what would I get out of running my own dedicated server over running a free wordpress site or using a dedicated external host for this?

Note: the main reason I am considering this is that she wants to be able to offer her clients access to their site versus I know there are sites wherein this can be done but those cost money. I thought, if it wasn’t too hard, that I could set up a host to use for learning before paying money.

At the risk of sparking a religious war, if this would make sense does anyone have an recommendations? My goal is to get the system up and working as easily as possible. I am not going to do ongoing Linux development; I simply want a box on which I can host a wordpress site.

I found this site with complete step by step instructions. I am open to alternatives if something easier exists.
Thanks to those that already answered. To add to my question, I would never run a client site from my house. The purpose of this is so that she could try something out, decide she doesn’t like it and tell me "reset it so I can try again." I know all about domain registration (my bulkregister account still has 47 domains registered for clients) but again, the point was to give myself a sandbox over which I have full control.
Yes, I have a static IP address. In fact, I run a Windows 2003 small business server as my mail server and domain controller for my house.

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I want to do "advanced" edits, like moving a jpeg image or even a video around the screen, on my mac. I want it open-source so I can look at how it works, and I want to spend as little money as possible on it. Any suggestions other than installing Linux on my mac(which is actually a family mac)?

With all the money and resources and most importantly talents, why is the architecture and underlying technology of the Windows operating system still unchanged from the earlier days as opposed to the inherently more secure design of Linux? I’ve read lots of reviews and analysis explaining how the architecture of Windows is flawed, the way it handles processes et al, and i’m sure Richmond isn’t short of talents to address such problems, so why do they still persist?

Linux Os?.?

Ok well I’m building a system and I don’t really have the money for an os. I heard Linux was free. My question is is it really free and is it any good?
Hmmm….games are important to me. Any way to get free windows?
Thanks, I got xp pro for free

The Ps3 has extreme processing power and my computer is just lame. I want to use my PS3 processing power and create a super computer or something: which Linux Distro would support this, and will it cost a lot of money?

Sorry, Gomez – ‘the only decent browser’ is fascist and untrue. Firefox is supported by Google resources and money, so it has good reason to be ahead of the competition.
Claudia’s advice about high virus/spyware protection is most interesting to linux users I’m sure!

Is it possible to get virus or spyware on linux?