What Linux Distribution should I use!?

Okay I can say I KNOW Linux I have been using for a year but I have tried many Distro’s but there is always a lag, is it my PC because I know for sure it used to run XP and I have low ram and the standard graphics card.
Here are what I have encountered:

Ubunutu 11.04- I really like Unity, but don’t really like it is using Shell so I can’t really use Compiz, Plus I get a few lags that forces me to do a hard reset. I want to see if on 11.10 the lags are fixed

Kubuntu 11.04- I like KDE but it reminds me so much of windows and looks sooooo user friendly. My webcam is not supported. Rocksoul webcam. And desktop effects are always turned off.

Fedora 15- I LOVE IT!! Something that is for advanced users but the FullScreen for online videos would only work ONCE!

Now, I have Linux Mint and OpenSUSE on the waiting list, But Mint is still on the normal Gnome and not 3, I have heard you can install both rpm and deb. and OpenSUSE well the animal scares me.

Now what do you Recommend DOING!?

why is Linux Mint going Debian?

Linux Mint was based off Ubuntu, which is based off Debian. Why are they going to base it off Debian when it sort of already is? Also, where can I find Linux Mint 11 with KDE? I don’t have anything against Gnome, it’s a wonderful and stable DE but my eyes simply like KDE better.

Linux on a microsoft XP/ Dell?

is it possible to instill linux mint 7 on the same HD with Windows XP?

I just installed Linux Mint Debian Edition(LMDE). Unlike the Ubuntu based Mint, This one can’t automatically detect the graphics card and doesn’t show the notification in the tray, so I can’t use animations and Compiz effects.

Any help?

I currently have the Adobe CS5 and Linux Mint setup. I was wondering if its possible for me to install adobe applications to linux???

I heard that its possible to install the adobe photoshop cs5 on linux mint. If so, how do I do that?

Thanks. =D

It is quite understandable why there is noise from the Debian purists about Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distros. but Linux Mint Debian Edition surely they are spurning their own ‘The Wonderful World Of Linux Politics’

Your thoughts ?

I want an OS that’s ready to use out of the box. The best I’ve found so far is Linux mint

How do i make Software for Linux Mint?

I’ve used Ubuntu since 2007 and then in December of 2009 i installed Linux Mint and i love it!, but how would i make software for Ubuntu,Linux Mint or Debian? I have no idea. Where do i start what programs do i need?
I already know c but how do i do it in GUI?
I wanna make gui apps too though, how do i do this?

I read about it on Linux Mint’s site

But it doesn’t have much information.
This edition is based on Debian; like the main edition is based on Ubuntu, So whats the real difference? is it faster, better, more stable and reliable than the Ubuntu based edition?

Another question: Isn’t Ubuntu based on Debian in the first place? then why have that said that its not compatible with Ubuntu?

Final question: Which main Distro is better- Ubuntu or Debian?

Is this a sign of a complete break from Ubuntu and if it is would it affect the popularity of Linux Mint in any way.

Your thoughts

Hey, I am currently running Linux Mint 10 (Julia), and today I am having a few issues with applications I install with the Synaptic Software Manager, and through terminal. Let me advise you I am a Mac OS X nerd and am a total Linux n00b. After I install the applications I want via the Software Manager/terminal, I click on the MintMenu, and all of a sudden, none of my applications are in the MintMenu. Why? I then got curious and went into /usr and checked /usr/share, and saw applications DID install. The only question I have is, how can I get my recently installed applications into this menu, and how can I resolve the issue conflicting how applications are organized? I cannot use OpenOffice now, which really sucks because I do a lot of daily work on there. If you cannot resolve the issue of applications not appearing in the menu, how may I launch the programs manually? Please reply ASAP. Thanks!

Sorry if this was a little confusing… my fault.

I have an mkv. video file that is 6.6gb in size and want to shrink it in size to 4gb whilst retaining the mkv. file format

I am running Linux Mint 6 so a Ubuntu application would be suitable

Many thanks


We’re using Oracle forms and reports as development tools and 10g database. We have developed an app that runs on Windows XP, and I would like to know what are the possibilities for it to run in a Linux client, such as Fedora, Ubuntu, etc.

Is it possible? What would I need to do that?

That’d be great, since Mint is purely ubuntu-based…

I saw this — Oracle Instant Client is another option for installing an Oracle client, with more recent versions available.

Would that be enough?
I’m interested in running the app in client machines…

I just installed this about a week ago; it’s version 10, Julia. And I’m a first-time Linux user.

I’ve been using AVG Free for many years on Windows and really like it; in fact, it’s still installed and running on the XP partition on this computer. Now I’d like to put it on this Mint installation. But when I access that page on the AVG Free site – http://free.avg.com/us-en/download.prd-alf – I see several choices:

And I don’t know which of these will work with my version of Mint.

Each of these files is almost 90 megabytes. I’m on a wireless connection which not only is not very fast, but also has a monthly limit. So I really would like to get the right one downloaded the first time. Which one should I choose?

Thanks in advance for your help.

(I put this question on the Mint users forum as well, so you might see it there if you’re a member. But sometimes I have better luck here, so I decided to put it in both places.)

Beginner in Linux and printer driver?

I have tried following various forums, but I am completely lost.

I started using Linux two days ago. I have 64 bit MINT 10. I do not know more than rudimentary command prompt.
I bought a canon PIXMA MP250 printer.
Now I need to make the two work together.

I am pretty sure my problem is with getting the drivers. Can someone give me a step by step and exact command prompt needed (if any) on how to get this printer to work? Including any commands I may need to type or things I may need.

Basically, I can’t get sudo apt-get install ((anything)) to work…I am not even sure if I am using that right.

I think the drivers I need are located here:


But I don’t know which one(s) or what rpm even is..and another forum said I need to "link the filter" because I have 64 bit…and I am still clueless.

Any help is appreciated. Thank You.

Hi, i want to keep my current os windows xp but install linux mint. Is it possible to do this by partitioning, if so how do i do it?

Also, will this slow down my laptop or anything like that? Remove any programs etc. Will it all be safe?

Thank you :D

How to install java to linux mint?

I want to play games that use java in linux mint but for some reason nothing wil install or work. In mozzila firefox when i go to play a java game it asks for me to install a plugin. I click install but it says missing plugin and just fails. I downloaded the file jre-6u17.rpm.bin so i could install java. When i try to open it it says "could no display home/ryan/jre-6u17.rpm.bin. Somebody please help me to install java. Thanks@!
Can people not abreviate things I dont know anything about linux so you may have to show me how to open programs and find them too.
I would do all that but my password in terminal wont work. I know it doesnt show what your typing but it doesnt accept my password. How do i install it then.
Im trying to say i Dont kno my root password. I understand it doesnt show it when you type it. How do i reset it or something. I know my keyring password but that one wont work.

Linux Mint 10 OR Linux Mint Debian?

For the time being, I’s still using Linux Mint 9. And I’m trying to figure out what my next long-term plan is going to be. I love the new look of Linux Mint 10. But I also love the potential of great things that can come from Linux Mint Debian (such as life without Ubuntu!). If this was about "playing it safe", then staying with Linux Mint 9 for the LTS seems obvious. But I’m not the kind of Linux support that like to stay in the same place forever; I like to look ahead!

Please tell me your second opinions. Thanks in advance.

about Linux mint Debian ?

Anybody tried Linux mint debian?? how is it?
tell about ease of use, software availability, stability, and appearance please
Thank you

I was wondering what would be the best thing(s) about an OS like fedora core, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc, that would set them apart from the others.

Which Linux Distribution is Right For Me?

I know the answer is usally "i cant answer that" or "Theres just too many to say" so I’ll narrow it down to five. i go on the internet, listen to music, watch movies, play games edit pictures + videos.

Freespire 2009

Ubuntu 9.10

Linux Mint 7

PC Linux 2007

Mandrake 2010

Secondly, is it worth switching from windows to linux?

I found MINT to be all looks and security holes a plenty, to many for this user.

Im looking for something AS CLOSE as POSSIBLE to this program http://wubi-installer.org/ but for DEBIAN (what ubuntu is based on).

for my EXP level, Debian is as safe as I can go now, thank you kindly
Not run, Install in windows and be able to boot into the full os from a cold start..

I just wanted you guys to rank them for me cuz Im about to install Ubuntu, but then I took a look at Mint and it looks sweet, Fedora looks sooo sleek and Mandriva nice and easy… Could you guys rank them for me

I’ve narrowed it down to
1) Linux Mint 9 LXDE or XFCE
2) Ubuntu 10.04 LXDE
3) Peppermint One OS
4) Peppermint Ice OS

Which of these would you recommend?
I’m looking for a fast, consistent and old-computer friendly, but still want a little flair and style.
Any other recommendations?

Lately I’ve been reading up on Linux in general and now I am ready to settle into a distro. So if I was to read up on Ubuntu could I apply that to Mint as well?
Will the commands be the same as well?