Linux is in violation of nearly 300 patents owned by Microsoft but the distributors and users of Linux haven’t paid a single cent in royalties to Microsoft. In fact, a lot of distributors of Linux offer their OS for free so the users are just as bad as software pirates who are causing Microsoft to lose money and have to charge more for people who legally buy Microsoft Windows instead of people who use Linux or a bootlegged copy of Windows. Why is it legal for Linux to do this?
Here’s a source to an older article. I can’t remember the link from PC World that indicates that Linux is in violation of at least 253 patents owned by Microsoft.

Its so easy to get pirated Windows that you don’t bother buying it. But one should think about whether we should do it or not. I mean it feels good when you are doing the things in a way that you think is right. If I think about it, it seems that the people who did so much hard work in making the Microsoft Windows are getting less paid because of us. What do you think: ‘What is so wrong about using the pirated stuff?’ Moreover, when there is a free alternative available(Linux) why don’t we use it and feel good about not using the pirated one.

I am teaching at a school with a Microsoft Windows based network. I am considering ordering 15 Cherrypal Africa netbooks with linux operating system and 160GB hard drive for my students to use in the classroom. I need to know if I order these computers, can they access the network drives to save files on the school network and can they connect to networked printers for the students to print their assignments? Any help in this matter would be greately appreciated. Thanks

I’m not meaning this as if they are bad, they are both great. It’s just that whenever I use them I get an odd feeling in my stomach. My mother told me that sometimes colors and designs make some people feel a little woozy.

I only get this feeling when I’m looking at extremely high detailed and clean looking interfaces. Now with Microsoft Windows XP I can look at it and not feel woozy since I can look closely at the task bar and see the grain of the granite. But with Ubuntu and Vista, I cannot. Why is this?

And no I’m not prone to seizures.

What would happen if I recommended that someone use Linux or Mac over Microsoft Windows? What would happen if I opined that Microsoft didn’t provide good software solutions?

what is the difference between installing linux and installling microsoft windows xp

How long will Microsoft monopoly last?

I am interested in picking up Linux skill, but will it be worth it because still 95% of desktop OS is Microsoft Windows. Not sure about the servers, but I would have to say at least about 50%??
Will Linux beat Microsoft? How long will it take? Maybe not in our life time?

It said I can install Ubuntu ALONGSIDE Microsoft Windows, but I’m worried. Will I have to re-install Windows XP if I want to go back to it or not? I’m using a netbook so unless I pay over £100, I’m stuck with Linux. Please help.

I’m hoping to set up a project for developing an MS Windows open-source program. Is there an organization for Microsoft Windows open-source software development which is similar to the GNU/Linux organization?

The reasons that Linux is better than Microsoft Windows are

No virus because

1. It’s not as widely used as windows (if you want to infect people’s computers with virus, you would target windows because it’s the major OS)
2. Linux is strict. Virus can’t do damage on your machine because it needs root privilege to rampage. Most of the time you don’t log in as root.

Much more stable because it’s open-source (everyone can take a look at the source code, therefore perfected it) Quote

What do you mean by root privilege or need root privilege ? Also why windows not a open-source ?

If Microsoft had made windows open source?

If Microsoft had made windows open source 27 yrs ago how advanced do you think it would be today?

Knowledge is a wonderful thing
Given that Linux Open Source Software has only been in existence for 19 yrs. the advancement in advanced technology it has made over this passed 5 yrs for the home user is unbelievable, There are professional people world wide developing professional free operating systems and software for the home users, for education, from 3yr olds to university,

Computing for the blind or visually impaired computer users:
Do you know any blind or visually impaired computer users: if so then check out this web link. Better still inform the Blind Society in your area about this free software for the blind or visually impaired

Open Source in Education :- Preschool, Primary, Secondary Tertiary ( university level )
Inform your education departments this can save the tax payers millions of Pounds/Dollars

Home and Professional video audio and animated graphics editing

Computer and Internet Security Anti-Tamper – Software Protection

These are just some of the achievements made with Free open source software for the benefit of home computer users.

The question being asked, had Microsoft windows been made Open Source Software. Would we be having this kind of excellence in security, stability and software development
Quot- Vomit
There would be fifty billion different Windows distros
Only the top 20 would succeed Like Linux top 20 distros have. Open Source Software has very high standards

Compare and contrast the licensing requirements for Linux versus Microsoft Windows with particular attention paid to the GNU-General Public License. Discuss how these licenses differ and which license you think is better for the business community as a whole.

Do you prefer Linux or Microsoft Windows?

I’m bored and so I figured I’d just ask :p I currently run Ubuntu (linux) but I’m thinking about going back to microsoft/windows just cos it’s easier in terms of school installations and so on (the programs we use don’t run on ubuntu computers). So what operative system do you prefer, and if you want to, why? also, if you could put gender and age, just to see who uses what OS :p (I’m a 20 year old girl/woman/female)

How do I check my computers specs on Linux?

I’ve recently made the switch from Microsoft Windows to Linux. The distribution I’m using is Fedora 7.

What I would like to know, is how do I check my systems specs? For example, on Windows you right click on My Computer and go Properties. You then get an overview or you can choose to go to the Device Manager.

Basically I’m trying to keep an eye on all my hardware to ensure its running correctly.


I’m currently using Microsoft Windows, however I’m interested for a change to Linux. But can I still use back my programs that I’ve been using in Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft Windows or Linux(Ubuntu ,Red Hat etc..) or Apple Mac or OS/2 or Solaris ?? Which one is best.??

Linux vs Microsoft Windows 7?

Linux vs Microsoft Windows 7

I’ve observed that file sizes of installers/setups of programs for Linux and UNIX are generally larger than their ports for Microsoft Windows. Examples of these include Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, JRE,, etc.

One example can be seen here:-

Why is this so? Does it have something to do with the architecture of Linux/UNIX? Do smaller file sizes of Windows counterparts imply a better API or better compilers?

Hello everyboby! I have a question about computer operating system,that is: Is it necessary for a scientist to master Linux OS?

I mean physicist and astronomer, I’ve heard that physicists and astronomers usually use Linux/UNIX, not Microsoft Windows. Is it true? Lots of people say that Linux/UNIX is very difficult to use, I’ve tried Ubuntu Linux and found it’s really hard to use.
Thank you!

I’m planning on buying a new computer for my video editing production skills and I want to know if anyone is familiar with various patented computer brands such as Apple Machintosh, Microsoft Windows, Linux or any others that may be much more suited for video editing and broadcast preparation? I’m open to learning on other systems. I started off working on Apple Mac computers, then I started working on Microsoft Windows as the years went on; mostly, but I’m not sure if I’m missing something more suited for video editing. I want to make a good purchase just for my growing skills in the area of anything video or visual. Of course audio is a concern as well. Please any expert knowledge or someone who has any resources that they can link to me?

I have this assignment on school to find out how many who uses Microsoft Windows rather than Linux or Mac OS X, do anyone have any kind of information on that? Is there a page were i can find this details of this, a table perhaps that shows how many whom uses that instead off that?

I have Microsoft Windows Xp professinal on my computer and I want to install RedHat Linux. I don't want to miss Windows or any other of my informations. The problem is that GRUB( Linux's default boot loader) can't can't understand that I have Windows Xp on my computer. So if I install Linux on my computer I'll miss Windows. If you know a way, please tell me.