if linux doesnt let you use microsoft office are there any other softwares other than windows and mac which let you run microsoft office.

What do you know about ubuntu linux?

Hi. I’m planning on opening up an internet cafe in another country and really don’t want to pay to license 20 computers with microsoft. I recently found Ubuntu Linux and saw they distribute their operating system for free. How good is it compared to windows? How long does it take to learn? Does it run normal internet applications such as like Yahoo Chat, You Tube and Limewire? What kind of programs can you get that’s similar to Microsoft Office, etc. Basically anything and everything you can tell me about it. The most info. gets the 10 points. Thanks. :-)

I wanna buy a new laptop but I can’t afford a Windows license at the very moment. So I was thinking of using some version of Linux, one that is easy to install and use, and as the title says, preferably similar to Windows.

My everyday applications will be word editing (preferably Microsoft Office but Open Office will also do…), network / LAN / Internet access, working with USB sticks etc.

Thank you for any reccomendation.

I want to change to linux and was wondering if I could use Microsoft office on it? if not then is it possible? and how?
thanks alot!


I just purchased the new Acer Aspire One with XP (rather than Linux). I have Microsoft Office for Home and School with a license for 3 computers so would like to put Office on to the Acer.

However the Acer does not have an external CD rom – is there a way I can do this easily?


Which Linux OS is good for me?

Hello, Im currently in grade 12 and im wanting to find a good OS to use for my university years.

So Im running vista and in getting Windows 7 but I’m wanting to try a Linux OS. I tried Fedora, Ubuntu and Mint OS, but I have troubles (i.e unfamiliar to the RPM and other commands) and I had some trouble with my graphic card :(

So here is my System specs:

-Intel Core2 QUAD @ 2.33GHz
-nVIDIA 9500GS
-802.11b/g wireless

Note that I might be getting a laptop but the specs above are of my desktop)

So which Linux OS should I try?

Im looking for:
-Something easy to use (but I don’t mind challenges or learning something new)
-Im used to more a KDE then GNOME
-Easy to customize
-Good platform for Development and research and data analyzing/creating/modifying and also good for using Engineering/Scientific Applications (need that as im going into aerospace)
-Good for documenting and office working (i.e Microsoft Office or any variant and able to use Adobe)
-Good for multimedia
-Good for gaming
-good for leisure use
-very good system tools and a great security system
-and just overall very efficient, powerful, long lasting, and the ability to utilize new Technology (i.e. touch screen)

Please and thank you and I know some people might say stick with Windows, but I don’t want to be in trouble of viruses and data loss.

Thanks in advance :)

I bought a netbook but i hate winndows 7 and want to install ubuntu linux. i bought microsoft office tho and i still want to use it on ubuntu linux. how is this possible?

if you create a progam for linux, can you sell it like Microsoft Office is sold or do you have to make it open source?

the reason y i want to get rid of mswindows xp is because it takes up alot of hard disk space and ram, i have only 128 mb of ram. do u think i shud get linux? if i do, i wont be able 2 have microsoft applications like windows media player and microsoft office etc.., what shud i do? get linux or stay with microsoft office?

I want to buy an eeepc (4g,2g, or 4gsurf) for a short trip abroad. I will be creating documents to email to people who have regular pc’s so I’ll have to download microsoft office. Is office compatible with eeepcs? Will I need to download a microsoft operating system such as XP in order to use office? Will having office on the eeepc slow down the system?

im mainly a pc gamer but i do go on microsoft office and word quite often. does linux support pc games? does it have simillar files like microsoft office?

Desktop Linux Applications?

Can desktop linux operating systems like GNOME run microsoft software easily? Is it a hassle to do so? I’m getting a Dell computer for university this fall and I dont wanna use Vista but I still wanna use microsoft office among other things.