How can I emulate Linux on Windows XP?

My PC has both operating systems, but sometimes I only need to do a small stuff on linux while running windows, and I have to restart with linux, and when done restart again with windows.
So I was wondering if I can possibly start my Mandriva Linux in a window while running windows without the need to restart?
What the best program to do that?

What is Mandriva dual arch cd image?

I went to the mandriva linux site and i saw 64 and 32 bit DVD images. Along with them, I saw a 2010 Spring dual-arch ISO. what is it?

I have no sound in Half Life 1 on Linux?

I have installed Half life 1 on my Mandriva Linux Operating System. I can get the game, video, and full screen to run but my online problem is not getting sound. I have tried to configure the sound settings but I cant seem to figure it out, if you have an answer or any helpful tips please answer, thank you so much!

Linux issues?

Ok, heres the story first I:

1. downloaded mandriva linux free 2007, from
2. i tried to install it and it says

Error opening RPM database: cannot open
packages database in /mnt/var/lib/rpm

3. i downloaded another mandriva linux free 2007, same thing happened (softpedia)
4. so i downloaded the same thing but through torrents on the actual mandriva website…..Same thing happened ^^
5. Help?

the CD/DVD is not faulty/scratched/burned wrong
i did check the md5 and it came up clear
it is the right version (ie. 32bit, i856, etc)

mandriva linux installation?

hey , i brought the mandriva linux premuim pack , and everytime i install, when i finnish , and after restarting , only the cursor appears ( can move it ) and a black background.

more details : i have a nVidea 1GB vga , 2 GB Ram and 500 GB HD ,
am connecting 2 monitors to it , but only 1 of them showing the screen .

Here’s the situation… I’ve got two seperate drives, both with a full-blown operating system installed, both fully functional when plugged into the the appropriate IDE cable as "Drive C" or "hda" respectively.

Mandriva is using LILO… in the master boot record of it’s drive.

Adding Windows to the bootup options menu and pointing it to the Windows drive installed on a separate IDE cable, as hdc… does NOT work.

How to proceed at this point without completely destroying either installation. If I have to wipe and reinstall Windows, that’s acceptable. But re-installing Mandriva at this point is NOT an option… just way to much data and add-in software at this point… it would take me DAYS to recover.

I notice in the Mandriva Linux Control Center that you can specifiy a different "Boot Device". What would happen if I changed that to "/dev/hdc", let it save it’s data, then shut down and switch the drives around?
News… one round-about approach that works, though it’s not that convenient…

Currently the Mandriva drive is on the mainboard’s primary IDE cable… the Windows drive is on the secondary cable.

If I go into the BIOS and disable the primary IDE, Windows will boot and function normally. And I get the added benefit of knowing that Windows will in no way be able to mess with the MBR (Master Boot Record) on the Linux drive. Which is the whole reason I wanted Windows on it’s own drive to begin with, instead of just a partition.

It’s not the most convienient solution… ideally I’d still like a boot-up menu for Mandriva/Windows using LILO or Grub. But until then, at least tweaking the BIOS is better than having to go into the box and switch the cables around. {grin}

can you guys tell me if normal Mandriva linux is what comes preinstalled on a linux eeepc or is it a special version of Mandriva. if it is special version please could you give me the link to the install cd image
and will a eeepc that originally came with windows xp support Mandriva.

Mandriva build I want to use is Mandriva Linux One 2008.

Vista build I have is Home Premium build 6.
How would I go about installing it, I've never installed an operating system on a computer that already had one. Is it the same or is there some other way that it has to be done?