How to set up a server with Linux?

Ok please help me out.
I cant seem to figure out how to install php,mysql,apache
am running linux mandriva 2009 at the moment..
please could someone tell me how to get everything
Also what else do i need to make a good server
am going to be running my site on it which will be a community site.
where people log in and stuff :)

Installing compiler suite on Mandriva?

I downloaded the solarisStudio 12.2 rpm package for linux directly from Oracle. Is there a way I can use the Mandriva "Install & Remove Software" installer to install it? Cause I don’t understand their install Instructions. Also if it doesn’t work on mandriva, how would I be able to do this with downloaded software that was compatible with mandriva?

Boot disk for Mandriva, Linux?

How do you make the boot disk for Mandriva? I downloaded the .iso files (694MB) and I mounted them to my VirtualDrive, then I copied the files to a DVDRW…but it doesn’t boot! I’ve never made a boot disk and I’m not understanding all the forums I’m reading on how to do it. Is there a premade program that can do it for me? It says to make the disk bootable…I’ve never done that either. I have Nero and it has the option to make a bootable disk but I don’t know which files to use…it says something about the extension .img to use but I can’t find that in the Mandriva package I downloaded. So basically, how do you make the boot floppy disk, boot USB stick, or boot CD/DVD disk? Which boot file(s) do I use?

Okay, now i have my mums computer and she has a lock on it as she is the admin… i also have a ubuntu disk which has Mandriva 2008 or something like that and when i boot up the computer, i press Esc on her Windows Xp computer, and then it takes me to a Disk Selection, i press the third one and it starts up, i press Mandriva 2008 Spring or sometimes Ubuntu Live Disk, Now the question is… can my mum see what i am on or if i download stuff will it go onto her desktop???

PS- But when i have finished i obviously take the disk out!!

So all i want to do is to be able to use the internet on my linux operating system – Mandriva. Whenever I go into the ‘hardware’ page, it has my wireless network card there, however, when I try to set up a wireless network connection with it, it is not an option for the hardware to choose from. The only thing it picks up is my onboard wired LAN. I have tried installing with the drivers but it just says ‘there is no device that supports this driver’. What can I do? Plese, I am a newbie at Linux and I need full guided steps. Thanks again

I have heard here that Ubuntu is probably the best for beginners; however, Fedora Core is also easy to learn. But unfortunately I can only choose from the below as its a setup on lycos dedicated servers

Debian 3.0 (Woody)
Debian 3.1 (Sarge)
RedHat Fedora Core 2
RedHat Fedora Core 3
Mandriva LE 2005 (Mandrake)
RedHat 9.0

If Debian what one sarge or woody or maybe red hat Keep in mind while not stupid I have been on a coldfusion setup untill I crossed over to the dark side.

ha ha ha

regards luke

Linux Mandriva and other…?

I tried to run Linux Mandriva on my Computer, but during the boot from the cd I get a message saying:
"Loop image not found, dropping you to a limited shell. Type a command" and then there is a list of commands, but no matter what command I type in, nothing happens.

I ran the cd on a virtual machine and it worked.
I have enough HardDrive space, 512MB RAM, 3.06GHz Intel processor.

I would also like to know what is the best version of Linux I can use instead of windows? I have the latest releases of Ubuntu and Kubuntu which installed and worked on my computer.

:-) Thanks

Installing .deb packages on Mandriva Linux?

Hi, i need to insall a program -Jokosher- on my computer but it’s a .deb package and Mandriva Supports .rpm i tried Alien and it didnt work please helpp!

DESPERATE linux mandriva help?

I just installed linux mandriva and now it wont read my wireless card, which is intel 2200 b/g. I went to the intel site and found the package to install it for linux. Now I have a whole bunch of files and I dont know how to install any of them. How do I install a wireless card on linux mandriva?!

I originally had Windows 7, then due to a registry error, it messed up and wouldn’t boot again. I used the Mandriva Linux install disc to format the hard drive but now when I boot the computer with the Windows 7 install disc, it does not acknowledge the disc (even though it is set to read the disc from the BIOS). It simply continues straight to the Linux OS. It is not a disc issue either as I have back-ups.
Thanks in advance.

how do i install it. what commands do i use. tar and uncompress seem not to work on my mandriva. how do i correct this.

I have an hp pavillion dv6000 and the mandriva is on pendrive linux ( for info on that go to
send me the links

huahh I know nothing about Mandriva I’m using right now..
even I can’t open files in my flash disk..

I am trying to connect to internet using another computer. I installed Linux Mandriva on it but it doesn’t recognize my ethernet adapter.

How can I make it recognize my adapter? Thanks you!
Thank you again, Thirumal Vijai!! :D

how can i play dvds with linux mandriva?

I’m new to Linux mandriva and i don’t know what codecs to use to get the dvd to play. I’m trying to play the video through the movie player that comes with the operating system, and i keep getting a message saying "cannot read from source" and my dvd is brand new, only used once or twice

I tried simply formatting the partitions holding Mandriva, but the boot screen when I restart my PC didn’t go away and then it didn’t boot at all. So I reinstalled Mandriva and everything’s back to normal. But I want to free the space used by Linux.
So how do I properly unistall it, including the Operating System Selection Screen. I believe its called bootloader. How do I get rid of it?

I am looking for a Linux OS for games free or not doesn’t matter. How do you get The Sims for Linux doesn’t it come with Mandriva. How far are they at with The Sims 2.

how do i get to my mandriva?

The program is in home/documents/ this is my first time installing anything in linux (mandriva) everywhere just says run ./configure or /make /make install but how? I found the Configure file but it opens in KWrite. Thank You

I'm unsatisfied with Windows, so I've been looking for a good Linux distro. Mandriva seems good, with good hardware support. Has anyone trying Mandriva Linux 07, particulary the One LiveCD edition? And does it contain Atheros WiFi support like it said?

How many different Linux OS are there?

I have heard of lots of different Linux OS like Ubunto and Mandriva.

Im pretty computer savy so which one do you think fits me best?

Also, are Linux able to play Windows games or run windows applications?