Superhero timeline? urgent?

im in college in year 11 and i need a timeline of superheros, like the date they were created, the date they appeared in comics/movies or other media. its due tomorrow and i cant afford to fail the assignent. i have mandrake the magician(1934) superman(created 1932 – appeared 1938) and batman in 1939. can anyone help please?

the cards are 16 beautiful colored drawings of the old cartoons, there is, I will list them. Fritz & Hans, Jungle Jim, Prince Valiant,Little Iodine,Buz Sawyer,Flash Gordon,Mandrake the Magician,Henry,Myrtle,Grandma,little Annie Rooney, and more

Mandrake the Magician gets my vote as the corniest…

What movie is Criss Angel going to be in?

I heard that he is going to be in a movie with mandrake the magician… or someone like that…. Is it true? When is that going to come out?

Why no movie about Mandrake?

There are movies on Superman, spiderman, batman and even Phantom. But why not Mandrake (the magician)?. I know a Mandrake movie released way back in 1966. Why hollywood is not making movies on Mandrake?. Surely it will be fun and a box office hit.

There is going to be a new movie coming out soon called Mandrake the Magician.
Some of the cast is Criss Angel and Jonathan Rhys Meyer. If anyone knows information on that movie and about the release date, it will be much appreciated! Thanks a lot!
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